4 years, 10 months ago

“No-go areas” for architects

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=290

When you are employed as an architect there are some areas you need to be aware are key, but are classified as “No-go areas”. As with physical “No-go areas” usually you will have to ask others to find out about them as they are seldom advertised. However “No-go areas” in architecture are seldom physical.

A “No-go area” that I have encountered in many countries in business and enterprise architecture is stress. Usually you are no allowed to build it into business cases, processes, capabilities, etc. even if it is the major variable. So when you work for the health authorities you may mention smoking, overweight, too little sport, etc. but not stress while actually all the people with knowledge know stress to be the major issue. If you want to talk about it you may refer to it as something that other people may have problems with. I have even seen that people have used stress as an assignment to discredit someone.

So what do you do if you encounter “No-go areas”? Well, you could do nothing at all, but then you are missing important variables that may be important for your work. I usually record it on my own private notebook and then use other concepts to explain it. Usually it is best to use one of the common buzzwords of the time as they are not clearly defined.

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