4 years, 10 months ago

Productivity as the only driver on architecture

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=293

As humans we usually like as little change as possible in our life (the only change we want is with others, e.g. in a TV drama). Additionally we are very risk adverse so we only really want proven options. This tendency increases with age is often called the conservative tendency. As our and almost all societies in the world are aging (unless you are Nigeria or Iran) this tendency will take over more and more of our decisions in companies and in government.

Since we still need to grow to even maintain the economic model we live under, we need to lock for drivers that can deliver this growth as we can clearly see that using all the traditional business drivers is not working any longer. Examples are that with an aging population there little taste for radical change or to learn new things, cutting costs is often seen as increasing risk so longer acceptable , there are no longer large countries left to outsource to (mainly because they also suffer ageing), etc. So productivity is the only proven concept left to fill the gap for growth and since we want to be risk free we only want proven ideas.

The main problem with productivity as a business driver is often that it is hard to implement it and that in the past it was seen as the role of the government to implement it. However no government was ever able to implement productivity and governments are usually not seen as champignons for productivity. There are however some areas in IT where productivity drives have been successful such as with ITIL introduction, but we need much more and often we need to involve different areas of the business as to achieve the hidden growth potentials. Examples for that are often found in involving facilities to optimise workplace (eliminate noise, get better air circulation, height adjustable tables, video conferencing without a real meeting room, etc.).

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