4 years, 8 months ago

The disruption smoke screen

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=345

The reason that I want to talk about disruption is that when people hear others talk about disruption it creates a lot anxiety that often enough leads to mental illnesses or at least heightens the blood pressure, which is bad enough. Additionally the talk of disruption often creates an unrealistic view of what really is happening combined with wrong expectations that you need to be prepared any minute to get your life changed.

The prophets of disruption like to tell us that we life in a time of ever greater disruption and use Amazon, Uber and other small changes to make the point. Amazon is just a different way of a catalog retailer and Uber a different way to share cars. Sharing cars without profit has been around for 3 generations and when it is done the first time in a commercial setting it is suddenly a disruption. Of course there are real disruption such as tablets and smartphones and a sharp decline on books and printed news, but even in that area the disruption shown is not a dramatic as often suggested.

Actually when you look at the time after the second world war you will find a much bigger disruption with changing virtually everything in houses such as the introduction of the domestic fridge, wash machine, dish washer, air conditioning, ovens, electrification, etc. That disruption was much bigger as it changed society with women suddenly freed up from a lot of hard housework. If you just visualise this and then again talk about Uber you will understand the enormous non disruption taking place.

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