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Denial of responsibility

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Sadly it is very easy today to deny social responsibility while appearing to do so. Architects are no exceptions so it is important to catch the signs of architects doing this, even if that may be yourself.

The easiest denial in architects and the mildest form are architects that constantly appeal to higher authority such as to the CEO. If this has gone on for some time the architect creates the impression that he has a personal relationship with that higher authority, often using his first name. This denial is pretty much a one to one copy of prisoners having a religious conversion while in jail and as that it is easy to deal with by engaging with the architect in a very pragmatic way.

Another more destructive form of denial is helplessness. It denies any help in changing things and also denies any help or people in distress without even trying anything. However the really social problematic part of open shown helplessness is that it followers will point out that they are happy not to be in the place of suffering people. The only antidote against such a behaviour of an architect is that all other architects will tell him that helplessness is not an option.

The really difficult forms of denying responsibilities amongst architects are sadism, downplaying consequences and declaring that some clients really like to suffer. Sadly sadism can often be seen in wrong governance in the same way as with wrongly applied audits. Downplaying consequences by depersonalising the issues through wrong risk management can often be found in authoritarian organisations, as seen in many of the last big scandals in enterprises. Declaring suffering as acceptable is thankfully much rarer than fifty years ago. But when budgets are tight and there are alternatives to put the little money into something newsworthy or to spend it on required staff welfare that will not carry any credit, suffering is often declared as wanted by a group without lobby without ever asking them. For all those denials of responsibility only professional help can deliver any change. This is also why you will still find this going on as only a few companies will force this professional help. So it is even more important for us to monitor ourselves and stop any tendency of any of these patterns.

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