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Loyalty Architecture

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In Business Architecture we are often confronted with the Loyalty factor. Every party, company, organisation or social group wants loyal followers, ideally die-hard followers that will you regardless. This kind of loyalty has so many benefits as it will make it so much easier to fulfil the goal of your organisation regardless of mistakes or competition. Sadly loyalty is often also misused as it is not understood or it is used as a magical healing portion that will make everything good again.

Loyalty is actually pretty well understood and researched, but very few business stakeholders and/or enterprise/business architects have ever looked at the research.

So loyalty is built on entertainment value, authenticity, bonding, history and tradition and group affiliation. So when you want build loyalty for a football team or a church entertainment value is a bit easier to generate than for an insurance in term of entertainment value. However it is important for the insurance to sponsor some event or team that builds up some excitement. The problem is that loyalty themes at the the entertainment value are often mixed up with local and art sponsorship. If you cannot entertain in a an emotional way forget loyalty.Instead of sponsorship you can also entertain with calendars with sparsely clothed females, such as many car brand with great loyalty have shown.

The next key step is authenticity. Always remember you cannot copy authenticity, it is the opposite. Funny enough a lot of business architects cannot understand this. So be real and do not try to be someone else. Actually local customers can forgive you a seldom untruth, but not a single instance where you try to be someone else.

Bonding is key and should be build in the business processes such as a bonding event with your loyal customers and a raffle. Also digital bonding with Facebook or traditional forums are a must for Loyalty.

Lastly it is aways advisable to put as much tradition and history in things as possible. So many even if you just started you can still use the tradition of others to help you. Amongst the real loyal customers will usually find some that work a voluntary brand historians. Whenever that happens be sure to help them and not hinder them (as often happens).

If you just adhere to these simple business architecture hints, you should do fine.

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