4 years, 5 months ago

Loose Lips Sink M&A Ships

Companies look for merger & acquisitions opportunities to boost their growth. But when confidential information gets exposed, it throws a monkeywrench into their confidential assessments, strategies and negotiations. Recent news proves this once again. Whether Twitter would be a good fit for SalesForce is a question – but that the news that Salesforce was considering it leaked into the public domain made their decisions harder.

Once again – while documents drive deals, vanilla email muddies the waters. Confidential documents distributed via email have few controls. Items can be downloaded, copied, forwarded, or unauthorized users added to the thread. Leaks can impact markets, stock value, and invite external investigations. Firms that are serious about protecting this confidential data – which can turn toxic in the wrong hands – must focus on more secure document sharing practices.That’s why firms who see M&A as key to their growth strategies must have secure deal room solutions to give them the needed confidentiality for their assessments and negotiations.

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