4 years, 3 months ago

Wishful thinking – the antithesis of good management.

Link: http://theknowledgeeconomy.anorien.com/2016/11/21/wishful-thinking-the-antithesis-of-good-management/

Poor decisions with poor outcomes are common when a business engages in ‘wishful thinking’. Agreeing to pursue a course of action because of what the decision maker wants to occur is not always wise.

Ignoring drivers, constraints and capabilities when focused on a specific outcome is easy. Being mindful of all influences should be second nature but is not.

A decision maker in an organisation needs to be pragmatic. Focusing on the want at the expense of the possible leads to waste and potential failure.

Wanting something to occur will not make it happen. Making plans based on reality is the only viable option.  To do otherwise and expect a good result is delusional.

Actions resulting from wishful thinking may pay off but more likely not.

Successful businesses rely on good management not good luck.