4 years, 3 months ago

Matched filters in architecture

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=398

Since the matched filter is close to its 50 birthday I wanted to post about this method that far to few are aware of. The matched filter is a method in signal processing to detect the presence of a given template. You may have actually encountered it in the detection of malware where it is extensively used.

However it is also important in other fields of architecture such as in event pattern recognition where a specific event can be filtered out of a large quantity of data. Many solution architects I have spoken with see this king of algorithm as something new and newsworthy, mainly because of the lack of knowledge.

Other ares where the matched filter should be used is on identifying how much of a document or article is actually new or just copied from other texts in the internet. These matched filters are often deployed in universities especially on thesis creation. A more productive area for architects is the use of matched filters in data cleansing an d auditing where a bit of code with some simple matched filters can easily make the difference.

Again all this is properly not news to most, but given how many times I have seen this common toll missing I just wanted to remind all of it.

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