7 years, 3 months ago

Enterprise synaptic noise

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=403

Most people are aware that in our body we have a constant neural noise level. The noise is actually produced by different mechanism such as by the friction of membrane potential of every single cell, the quantal release and by every chemical reaction in our body (usually called chemical sensing. Actually to stay alive we need this noise level, however if the noise gets too high we can no longer process signals as the noise signal ratio gets even or even worse.

Funny enough the same is true for enterprises. An enterprise without noise is dead. A lot of people tried to eliminate any noise levels at enterprises just to find that the enterprise stopped working with no production, no sales, etc. This information usually only used by occupational psychologists is actually important for architecture as a healthy enterprise needs a certain noise level with signal noise ratio of 3:1. If you ask most managers they want reduce it to 1000:1, which is often also the reason that their business is not performing best. Actually with exception of start-ups all companies are more leaning towards reducing the noise too far to be productive. Of course I need to add that the best ratio in accountancy is 15:1 and 2:1 in creative areas, but what remains is that we need far more noise.

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