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Stay away from some recruitment agencies

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While I really like some recruitment agencies some of them are best to avoid. They usually fall in 6 categories:

  1. Harvesting and marketing CV’s . Here a job agency is creating some fiction job offer to get CVs and then is using the CVs for marketing. For me as an candidate this can be very dangerous as they may offer me to a company where another agency has already put me forward for an opening. Often they will then offer a much lower rate or salary and this way I have lost at lot of interesting opportunities, often also because the clients thought that I am applying to any job and as such cannot be seen as trustworthy. Also they often use references from the CVs to get the names and phone numbers of hiring managers and as such you will no longer have willing references.
  2. Promising a wrong job location. There are very few people that like to go to Sweden or Finland in the Winter. Not only because there is no sun and everything is cold, but also because the tax rates in those countries are usually very high. Some some enterprising agencies will run you through assessment centres and making you invest a lot of time always saying that there is some travel involved, just to tell you just before the last interview that role is actually not based near you, but since you are so keen they are confident that you will have no problem. This kind of tactics is really only used by a few, so it is best to ask around before you engage too much on assessment tests.
  3. Job agencies are paid for product and trading marketing. From time to time you will suddenly see a lot of openings for an obscure piece of software linked with a very high salary or rate. While it is illegal to dream up such job offerings they are often used, as they are very powerful to get a lot of job searchers to visit training courses and as such later many hiring managers will read about it and be influenced in buying the software. However if it looks to be too good it is too good to be true.
  4. Promising higher salary in the initial phase. While working as an enterprise architect with some HR functions and also with some recruitment consultants I have come across the strategy to first promise a higher rate, to actually get candidates hocked to a job and if the job challenge becomes the primary motivation to then announce that the job will pay far less. This is also why you should always look for several offers.
  5. Agencies as CV redistribution centres. Sadly there are a lot of recruitment agencies that will only collect CVs and then only check on salary and time to commute which one’s to forward. Actually it is important to find some agencies that can at least understand the very basic things that you do, as your CV may otherwise be rejected by the client as it buried in a mountain of bad resumes.
  6. Finally while I have been and will be a contractor in my work status there are some companies that look for permanent roles by sending out adverts for contractors. The main reason is that contractors are usually more active and often also fill some skills usually lacking in the permanent workforce. Often they are also lacking on the CV fro a permanent employee as the permanent employee will not update his CV every 3 month as the contractor will do. This is why it is one of my very first questions to ask if this opportunity is really contact.

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