4 years, 2 months ago

Avoid obfuscation

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=418

Obfuscation in architecture is usually called different. the meaning of obfuscation is to darken something and as such architects call it black box design. The benefit of obfuscation is therefore that it solves hiding complexities or in other areas hide information. An example was to hide the pay record of a spy in large departments with very vague departments and as such being able to pay and later also pay retirements for those spies or covert police officers. The problem however was that for 30 years no one was able to rely introduce efficient ways of working in administration as the department may have contained obfuscated resources.

The same is also true for black box design as over time there is whole lot of stories what a certain black box is there for at your enterprise and as all staff has been told to use it as a black box it auto magically becomes more important as we always attribute importance to things we do not understand. So even if it is hard to avoid obfuscation in the short run, it is more important in the medium term to fully understand all assets and capabilities, as just one obfuscated capability can often responsible to stop any required change from happening.

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