7 years, 2 months ago

April 2017 – Investigative Architecture Training

Link: http://www.sysflow.com/blog/april-2017-investigative-architecture-training/

We are pleased to announce our next Investigative Architecture Training which will be held in Lincoln, RI on April 13 & 14, 2017.

It is an intensive, interactive two day training for architects, developers and other IT roles who want to take their architectural and diagramming skills to the next level. Practicing architects already understand how important “visual thinking” with diagrams is to driving great design. Yet the landscape of different modeling tools and disciplines can be confusing, and lead us quickly away from the core modeling concerns: clarity and scope.

Investigative Architecture is an approach to “visual thinking” and problem solving that is tool-agnostic and adheres to industry standards. The Investigative Architecture approach can make a critical difference to your stakeholders:

  • It empowers you to communicate more clearly.
  • It lets everyone focus on facts, not opinions, in situations where debates get heated.
  • It includes many non-diagramming “soft” and hard skills that often take years to acquire in the trenches as an architect (e.g. diplomatic communication & facilitation, issue resolution, risk identification, etc.)
  • It’s an impressive and invaluable skill