7 years, 2 months ago

The life force robing nature of deadwood

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=684

If you are like me you will want to deliver something early in a project mainly to prove yourself to yourself that you have not become deadwood. Deadwood has a tendency to get in all areas of projects or work without clear processes. Usually consultants that are representing the deadwood make some really good suggestions, but it will always rely on others to do the actual work. The advise is however always taken straight out of a book or a blog and never has any creativity attached. The point is that managers always like this kind of deadwood as they are easy to manage.

Usually you will often end up doing four times the work as you not only get no help and have to do the work load of the deadwood, but then you also have to do the suggestions of the deadwood. Funny enough being deadwood does not mean loosing out, but deadwood is highly infectious as well, as they only way to live happily in the same environment without working yourself to an early medical retirement is to also become deadwood yourself. As such you can see a lot of architects who were capable of delivering really great innovative ideas 5 years ago now being transformed into phrase repeating mouthpieces that are less and less likely to survive outside of their current environment.

This negative element of getting to the point that you become non employable is actually the only real negative external factor in being a deadwood apart from the internal knowledge of not contributing, but then a lot of deadwood often got funny ethics in the first place. So if you really want to stay alive as an architect you have to move or be part of a company that reinvents itself all the time.

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