7 years, 18 days ago

So, It’s Not That Easy

When EA was first introduced to me, I got my head-bulb lightened. Like ‘ting’. This might be the one I was really looking for. Excitement flourished in my head without entertaining a question at the corner of my mind. What is this?

On my previous post, I talked about how others are asking me about the nature of business of Sinag. And all I can answer was this and that. I am totally blinded on that idea, but then at the same time, it is also the reason I am very excited. Like, I wanted it now! Right here, right now!

So here comes my first day, excitement level is still on 100%. ‘I’m ready for this, I’ve got this, this wouldn’t be that hard, I know’ says my head. Little did I know that I will be lost in this EA jungle with little to no visibility at all.

I started out by asking a little things and with the ‘pakiramdaman’ thing. Everyone was too busy on their own space and I have this attitude to not disturb anyone when on their peak of work, because that’s what I want them to do in return for me. I don’t like to be interrupted when my brain is currently swelling because the brain cells are currently very active to produce an action called thinking.

If you asked me by now, the same moment I was writing this, I would not tell you to do the same. I mean, it’s actually okay to be the weakest duckling as of the moment because that is the perfect time to actually absorb the things on someone else’s brain like a sponge. And that is one effective way to learn. So now, I’d rather disturb someone and get what I need and I’d rather be disturbed too, because I also want to share my thoughts.

So okay, let’s go back to the time I felt lost in the jungle.
The team I am with now are somewhat experts on their field, where time and experiences has pondered their capability with a number of years. I’ve got trainings every now and then, with them feeding me all the concepts and basic usage of what I am going to embrace for the months to follow.

It is indeed very overwhelming, I’ve got the concept of this, concept of that, basic navigation of this and of that, and like whoa! Like how am I going to digest this, this is too much! and where and how to I start finding my own light?

Conceptually speaking, the Enterprise Architecture world is composed of concepts, frameworks, guidelines, and processes where as when you first hear them you can tell yourself, ‘Oh I got it, it’s easy, it’s easy.’ Oh yes it is. Easier said than done, right?

EA, based on my month-long experience is: As you dig the hole, the more things you learn. As you go to the details and actually apply them is where the challenge starts. It was never easy because the more you get involved, the more you got lost but then eventually at the end of the day, you should remind yourself to be found.

No one started knowledgeable. You cannot expect to learn and absorb at the same time for a short period of time. It takes number of years actually, said my Supervisor.

The good thing here is, when you are surrounded by great unselfish people who will help you find the light in the jungle. Those who, as you learn, is also learning from you and makes you feel saved as you go along learning.

I might have been already found the light to follow through. I am not yet sure of the path I will be taking, but I am sure, along the way I will pick up pieces of learnings that I will not be finding if I’m not lost or if I took am airplane for comfort and convenience.

I cannot remember where I hear this, but I will share this to you.
“It doesn’t matter if you are the weakest among the pack, It doesn’t matter that as of now you can’t be the one you aspire yourself to be, what matters is, as you grow with this pack, you’ll learn how to stay strong and alive. And by the time you already made yourself ready to lead the same pack, you’ll be thankful for the journey you had, and that you are happy that you can still be able to share the same learnings to the next new member of the pack, like you once were.”