6 years, 10 months ago

Dependency area

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=761

Have you ever wondered why you can really only find work in a geographic small area or why the the main GDP of most countries is fixed on a very small geographic location? Well there are many interesting theories and usually they are full of politics, but while politics play a role they are usually down to dependencies. Given that many products and services have over 1000 dependencies such as with car parts in producing the car and the part makers also required on other parts there are only two ways this can be managed. Either you have local resources or you have a source that is really dependable.

Since there are few dependable sources as politics will continually work against stability by creating new laws, forgetting to renew road or other transport or power, joining or leaving economic zones or in some cases blocking the logistics until certain sweeteners are being transferred most complex products will be created in a small economic areas as this will guarantee the best outcome. So even when the is to scarcity it will at least impact everyone and as such it is unlikely that it will create large disruptions.

For us as architects this is double important as we need to keep the area and any external factors close to any capabilities, as if we forget this the capability thinking will come to nothing.

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