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Generative AI and Enterprise Architecture: Modeling the Enterprise

Link: https://www.ardoq.com/blog/ai-enterprise-architecture-modeling

Will AI Be Able to Build Reliable Representations of Organizations?

Welcome back to part two of our five-part blog series “Generative AI and Enterprise Architecture.” This series provides an in-depth perspective on how generative AI will reshape EA as we know it. If you’ve eagerly awaited this follow-up but would like a refresher on the first part, hop to Generative AI and Enterprise Architecture: Impact on Enterprise Complexity.

In the first part, we introduced five axioms:
1. Enterprise complexity will tend to increase.
2. Enterprise Architecture must model the enterprise.
3. Enterprise Architecture must roadmap the future.
4. Enterprise Architecture must be driven by business outcomes.
5. Enterprise Architecture must be close to the changemakers.

Here, we delve into the second axiom, which touches on the very core of EA as a practice: modeling the enterprise.