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Tweets from Open Group conference, San Diego

Link: http://weblog.tomgraves.org/index.php/2011/02/10/tweets-from-ogsdg-conf/

The following a selected subset of the Tweets and links sent out by attendees and other from the Open Group (TOGAF) conference on enterprise-architecture, IT-security and cloud-computing. Given my own interests, I’ve emphasised enterprise-architecture, but I’ve included many of the others as well. (If you want to see the full set, follow the ‘#ogsdg‘ hashtag on Twitter.)

I wasn’t able to attend the conference this time, hence many thanks to @theopengroup, @togaftm, @stevenunn, @masrod, @aleksb6, @TechnoDad and all the others who kept us ‘outsiders’ in touch with what went on.

For what it’s worth, I’ve added my own comments at the end of some of the Tweets, in italics and preceded by a ‘<’, <like this. Feel free to ignore, them, of course. :-)

Start of the first day, with an emphasis on security:

  • theopengroup: We start the morning with The Open Group Spotlights: case studies, before beginning the Security plenary at 8:45 am.
  • Dana_Gardner: Take The Open Group survey to measure the true enterprise impact of #cloud computing http://zd.net/h9yAGI
  • theopengroup: Bruce McConnell of US Dept of Homeland Security, now giving keynote address: “DHS Cybersecurity Strategies”
  • theopengroup: Bruce McConnell: “Security requires attention from all of us… we view #cybersecurity as a shared responsibility”
  • theopengroup: McConnell: Whitepaper coming out this week: focuses on ecosystem’s interoperability, authentication & automation
  • theopengroup: McConnell: Greater trust through authentication: Main impact is in promotion of additional transactions in commerce
  • theopengroup: McConnell: Disruptive nature mobile devices on security: we have to play catchup until we have a healthy cyberecosystem
  • theopengroup: Dave Hornford, Chair of The Open Group Architecture Forum: Looking at Enterprise Architecture as a profession, not just #TOGAF now <hooray!
  • theopengroup: Hornford: Architecture Forum working toward clear separation b/w core method and guidance <also hooray! #entarch
  • theopengroup: James Stikeleather, Chief Innovation Officer at DellServices, speaking: “Holes in the Whole: Crafting Security for the Pervasive Web”
  • theopengroup: Stikeleather: Discussion evolution of the Web: it was impossible not so long ago to imagine economic models, Wikipedia, Facebook, etc
  • masrod: 2007 stats: 1000bn clicks/DAY; 294bn emails/day; 55 trillion links; 255 exabytes magnetic storage; 5% global electricity consumption
  • theopengroup: Stikeleather: Web, etc is so pervasive that “We can conclude that we no longer really know what’s going on in the web.”
  • masrod: Jim Stikeleather, Chief Innovation Office, Dell on cybersecurity: “We need to think more impossibly than we have in the past.”
  • theopengroup: The Open Group Security Forum spotlight, then an introduction to Trusted Software Development by Ben Calloni, Lockheed Martin Fellow
  • masrod: Ben Calloni, Lockheed Martin Fellow, Software Security, Lockheed Martin, “For security you need to build it in, not bolt it on.”

Then more on specific tracks, including enterprise-architecture and business-architecture – my main concerns here:

  • theopengroup: Heading into tracks: #Cybersecurity, #EA in Practice, Interoperability. Tracks and other open sessions (UDEF) will resume after lunch
  • aleksb6: at #ogsdg listening to “Trusted Software Development” by Ben Calloni – lots of #cissp info w humor, but “don’t have a good answer” on value
  • ruizm001: Presenting at The Open Group Conf at 2:45 …  “Cyber Command and Control: A Doctrinal Prospective.”  look forward to the discussion
  • ARSzakal: The Open Trusted Technology Provider Framework (O-TTPF) to be published this week!
  • aleksb6: Finished speaking on “Value Driven EA” – #entarch in a box, if you will. Up now is Jason Uppal continuing down the #capability track
  • aleksb6: link to my preso from #entarch as a Business Discipline track “Value Driven EnterpriseArchitecture” http://bit.ly/5EOOnW
  • aleksb6: Jason Uppal – “biz hasn’t forgiven #IT for #y2k yet, and they never will – prove the #value of your buzzwords”
  • masrod: “Squishy” has been the buzz word being thrown around the EA track
  • masrod: Jason Uppal speaking on capability based planning: “Not everything has to be new in order to architect”
  • theopengroup: Busy and educational day! One last track session (security, bizarch, SOA), then attend the networking reception from 6-7:30.
  • aleksb6: up next, @acguitarte talking about #bizarch trends and models #entarch
  • masrod: Andrew Guitarte speaking on Business Architecture Trends and Methods – “Melding business and technology does a lot for your sanity”
  • KuhlmannSascha: Imho #bizarch & #entarch are still missing a serious emphasize on #value.  Good session with Andrew Guitarte at #ogsdg http://myloc.me/hw160

A couple of summaries and news-items from the first day:

  • mskilton: Interesting First day keynote on cyber security The Open Group San Diego. Ecosystem science is moving into mainstream! <also applies to #entarch as well as security
  • Technodad: O-TTPF: An open framework for establishing trust in technology supply chains – http://j.mp/o-ttpf #ogsdg http://ff.im/-xyXlE

Second day (Tuesday) a more explicit focus on enterprise-architecture and business-transformation:

  • theopengroup: Today’s plenary focuses on #EntArch and Business Transformation. We have some more great speakers: David Mihelcic & Dawn Meyerriecks
  • theopengroup: Today’s first keynote speaker is David Mihelcic, CTO of DISA, presenting “Good Enterprise Architecting Can Support Transformation”
  • stevenunn: Dave Mihelcic at #ogsdg: hands-on architecture is critical to success
  • theopengroup: Dawn Meyerriecks, Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Acquisition and Technology (US) getting ready to speak now on EA
  • stevenunn: Dawn Myerriecks of Office of Director of National Intelligence at #ogsdg: you have to be able to make the boss understand in his language
  • stevenunn: Dawn Myerriecks at #ogsdg: Miracles don’t arrive on schedule. Investment upfront is important.
  • Technodad: Dawn Meyerriecs at #ogsdg : investment in based R&D is critical to successful long-term arch success.
  • stevenunn: Dawn Myerriecks at #ogsdg: 3areas of emphasis: user engagement, holistic view of tech delivery cycle, prioritization & assessment
  • masrod: “Miracles don’t show up on schedule… You have to make the investments now” – Dawn  Meyerriecks on Aquisition & Technology
  • stevenunn: Dawn Myerriecks: when you have to spend weeks training people how to use an application, we have failed #entarch #ux
  • masrod: Dawn Meyerriecks, Acquisition & Technology “Lesson from AOL:If you don’t cannibalize your own business, someone will do it for you”
  • masrod: Dawn Meyerriecks, Acquisition & Technology: “You guys have to be master marketers as well as brain engineers”
  • theopengroup: David Mihelcic: DoDAF views and “if you build it they will come” infrastructure are not enough <agreed! #entarch
  • stevenunn: Dawn Meyerriecks: architects can really help break things down and package things.
  • aleksb6: Dawn Meyerriecks echoing need for aligned incentives – “if you want to get people to do something, incent them properly”
  • stevenunn: Dawn Meyerriecks at #ogsdg: architecture is about asking what you have in the lab than can scale 10 to the 24 in the next 20 years?
  • theopengroup: Meyerriecks: “I think we’re laying the groundwork for something we don’t even understand yet. But that’s great.”
  • stevenunn: Dawn Meyerriecks: architects must demonstrably focus on mission outcomes

And a few general comments or reflections passing by:

  • theopengroup: Terrific new post on The Open Group Blog on #Cloud by Mark Skilton of Capgemini: Seeing above the Clouds http://nblo.gs/e1ZWF
  • industryleaders: Great conferences in San Diego all its about value
  • togaftm: Its official! TOGAF® is now a registered trademark in the US & other countries
  • theopengroup: “Cyber security top of mind for enterprise architects at Open Group Conference”: Blog by Analyst Dana Gardner http://ow.ly/3SE02

There were a lot of Tweets reporting or commenting on the keynote by Jeff Scott of Forrester:

  • theopengroup: “The Business Architecture Challenge”: Presentation by Jeff Scott, Senior Analyst of Forrester Research
  • masrod: “I don’t want to offend you, but I probably will b/c I want to challenge the way you think about architecture” – Jeff Scott,Forrester
  • trouxsoftware: “Business Architecture is a whole different animal”. Jeff Scott, Forrester. <certainly different from what’s described as ‘business-architecture’ in IT-centric ‘EA’…
  • theopengroup: Scott from Forrester: Future orientation for Architects: Less focus on technology, more focus on strategy. <yes!!! – is true that someone must focus on the technology-architecture, but please don’t call it ‘enterprise-architecture’, because it’s not ‘the architecture of the enterprise’…
  • togaftm: Jeff Scott: EA innovation has stalled — in the last 10 years not much has changed in the thinking on frameworks <not from my side it hasn’t – I’ve been one of those pushing darned hard to get innovation happening
  • togaftm: Scott: The #1 attribute of a successful enterprise architect is resilience <…and a key focus of #entarch effort, too
  • theopengroup: Scott of Forrester: Architecture is getting closer to the business: better strategic planning for business is key driver.
  • aleksb6: Jeff Scott of #forrester : “better strategic planning” is a nbr 1 priority #entarch #bizarch #cio #ceo
  • togaftm: Jeff Scott: If you want different results, you must do something different, and you need to think differently and think how you think
  • theopengroup: Scott of Forrester: Re-examine your thinking paradigm in order to see the problem differently. “Should” shouldn’t matter.
  • theopengroup: Scott: Stop fixating on “should.” What “is”? And most importantly, what can be? Where am I and what can I drive?
  • togaftm: Jeff Scott: In the business they are looking at the problem differently, they want insight. They are decision-based <view #entarch as decision-support for whole org
  • theopengroup: Scott: Business architecture is evolving; still early in innovation phase, far from maturity. Expect contradictions, experimentation <yes! – true-complexity
  • aleksb6: @logicalleap of #Forrester:  BUSINESS architecture IS NOT business ARCHITECTURE #entarch #bizarch #cio #ceo
  • togaftm: Jeff Scott: do you really want to be a business architect? Learn business fundamentals not business process <and if you want to be an enterprise-architect, learn enterprise fundamentals – which have a broader scope and deeper complexities than business-fundamentals, and which drive/underpin those business-fundamentals
  • aleksb6: @logicalleap of #Forrester: “#bizarch is NOT just biz process. it’s about biz #capabilities” #entarch #cio #ceo

Some other general items:

  • masrod: Listening to a panel Q&A with people from DoD, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and more talk about protecting the global supply chain #ttf
  • togaftm: Read TOGAF on your smartphone or tablet. Visit our mobile site http://ow.ly/3SEBF
  • togaftm: TOGAF Resources: ADM Steps Overview Reference Cards(2 cards) http://ow.ly/3LZYd (pdf) More resources at http://ow.ly/3LZYe
  • togaftm: TOGAF Resources: TOGAF Version 9, available online (html) http://ow.ly/3N3FD Download at http://ow.ly/3N3FE
  • togaftm: TOGAF Resources:Guidance on establishing an EA using TOGAF 9 (free, reg’n required) http://ow.ly/3N3Gb
  • Dana_Gardner: Takeaway from Open Group security podcast: SMBs likely get a security boost with cloud services, larger enterprises not so much.
  • theopengroup: #poll Does your org view #EA to be an initiative of the IT department or strategic business initiative? http://twtpoll.com/w15s24 <should be latter, but courtesy of years of IT-myopia and misplaced propaganda it’s still likely to be the former (hence usually ignored elsewhere in the org…)

And a couple of other items from the afternoon of the second day:

  • theopengroup: Heading into tracks this afternoon. Developing an Architecture Profession; and EA and Business Agility, and EA and Business Strategy
  • theopengroup: “The Golden Thread of Interoperability,” a new post by Dr. Chris Harding on The Open Group Blog http://ow.ly/3SOxu <”Interoperability is not just about the IT systems. It is also about the ecosystem of user organizations, and their cultural and legislative context.” – yes! – whole-system #entarch, not just #itarch or single-org arch

Third day, with an emphasis on cloud-computing (am I allowed to say “yawn…”? – it’s IT-architecture, with only peripheral relevance to enterprise-architecture):

  • theopengroup: Good morning! Today at The Open Group Conference San Diego, we go straight into tracks, with a bent toward #Cloud. // Starting this morning’s tracks: EA in the Enterprise, ArchiMate & Architecting the Cloud.
  • theopengroup: We’re sitting in on a presentation by Ahmed Fattah (IBM): “Does #EntArch matter? A lean #EA foundation for the Cloud Computing Era”
  • theopengroup: Fattah: Some say #Cloud may make #EA irrelevant. I believe that EA will thrive but it’s likely to be different from current practices <Cloud may radically change #itarch but should not much change a well-structured resilient #entarch
  • theopengroup: Fattah: #Cloud actually provides opportunity to revitalize #EA. Still needed to ID required biz services, decide how sourced, govern
  • theopengroup: Fattah: LEAF approach results in an #EA that is leaner, grounded in economics & better links with business and solution architects
  • industryleaders: At the quantum lifecycle management workgroup
  • Dana_Gardner: Examining the current state of the enterprise architecture profession with The Open Group’s Steve Nunn http://ff.im/-xEpIN <unfortunately ‘the profession’ is standardising around the wrong name: what they’re selling as ‘enterprise architecture’ is still #itarch, not #entarch
  • theopengroup: Now sitting in on Dr. Yan Zhao of ArchiTech Consulting: “Inter-Enterprise Architecture.” Full and engaged audience
  • theopengroup: Zhao: Now discussing the impact of Cloud Computing and Social Media. New opportunities, new challenges

An interesting-looking presentation, though from yet another credit-card company:

  • theopengroup: Break, then going into more tracks before lunch. Next up: Architecting the #Cloud, EA & Service Management, #EA Frameworks & Tools
  • trouxsoftware: DiscoverCard presenting real world ROI for their EA program. // Troux customer Discover Financial Services presenting real world ROI for their EA program. #entarch
  • aleksb6: Rick Reese of Discover Financial: “getting every #entarch certified in #TOGAF gave the team same vocabulary”
  • aleksb6: Rick Reese of Discover Financial: “Don’t forget to track Retained Capital and Expense Avoidance to prove value of #entarch” #cio
  • aleksb6: Rick Reese of Discover Financial:  “get Audit, Risk, and Compliance functions to start using data in your #entarch repository”

And what looks to have been a definitely fun item, on “The Seven Deadly Sins of Adopting TOGAF”:

  • aleksb6: getting psyched up for Rares Pateanu’s (Rogers Comm) “The 7 Deadly Sins of Adopting #TOGAF”.  Should be a fun 45 minutes
  • aleksb6: overheard at #ogsdg “good #entarch is like peeing in a dark pair of pants – gives one a warm fuzzy feeling and nobody notices” <- lol
  • aleksb6: from “The 7 Deadly Sins of Adopting #TOGAF”:  Greed – i.e. over-promising and underachieving; digestion of BOK takes time #entarch
  • aleksb6: from “The 7 Deadly Sins of Adopting #TOGAF”:  “Envy:  #fail to accept that some parts of the domain to not BELONG to #entarch” <disagree: is probably valid as ’sin’ for IT-centric TOGAF, but not for true whole-org entarch
  • aleksb6: from “The 7 Deadly Sins of Adopting #TOGAF”:  “Pride: Trying to do #entarch all by yourself, need help!” <yep, agree with that one
  • aleksb6: from “The 7 Deadly Sins of Adopting #TOGAF”:  “Gluttony – TOGAF needs to be slimmed down to be feasible for #entarch to implement!” <yes – but also needs much broader scope than standard-TOGAF allows
  • aleksb6: from “The 7 Deadly Sins of Adopting #TOGAF”:  “Anger – don’t try to force rest of the org to align w your view of #entarch process” <agree
  • aleksb6: from “The 7 Deadly Sins of Adopting #TOGAF”:  “Lust – engaging in a high brow intellectual #entarch exercise; make it understandable”
  • seabird20: @aleksb6  nice  that TOGAF describes the seven deadly sins – but they are not TOGAF specific. All EA ihas these sins. #ogsdg #TOGAF #entarch
  • aleksb6: @seabird20 agreed, but I’m at #ogsdg so I don’t believe we’re allowed to mention #entarch frameworks outside of #TOGAF …
  • seabird20: @aleksb6  ahhh, good point! Of course applying a framework increases the likelihood of sinning!!! #entarch #TOGAF
  • aleksb6: @seabird20 #entarch sinning occurs w or w/o a framework. perhaps applying a framework ups the likelihood of sinning consistently?
  • seabird20: @aleksb6  and what’s the fun of consistent sin? I like original sin! Yes, I agree that frameworks enable unwitting sinning! #entarch
  • aleksb6: @seabird20 you have a point, but being #bizarch minded, I prefer calculated #entarch sinning to unwitting kind!

A few loose-ends:

  • KuhlmannSascha: #bizarch is formalized description of how organizations uses #biz competencies essential to realizing strategic intent & objectives <yes – and does not start and end solely with IT…
  • aogeabr: `By itself a good description is useful only to architects` Dave Hornford
  • masrod: @Dana_Gardner: “One size fits all has rarely worked in IT – why should cloud be any different?”
  • masrod: Mark Skilton on the shift to cloud: “It’s not the destination; it’s the journey to the cloud.”
  • aleksb6: #ogsdg up next:  #entarch at Lash Group by Michael Krumpe

And various references to the TOGAF Camp ‘unconference’ (attendee-selected topics) and final cloud-focussed gathering:

  • theopengroup: TOGAF Camp starting right now… be part of the “unconference” experience by setting the agenda and driving the discussion discussion
  • togaftm: TOGAF Camp: Steve Nunn is introducing the session. Good mix of attendees present.
  • togaftm: TOGAF camp: Most popular topic: If we start from IT, BA will fail, what is the impact on TOGAF? <good topic: I’ve been trying to explain the ‘impact on TOGAF’ to mostly deaf ears for several years now… should have been bloomin’ obvious to everyone from the start, but myopia from obsessive IT-centrism got in the way… :-(
  • togaftm: TOGAF Camp: Good session discussing business architecture & impact on TOGAF
  • stevenunn: TOGAF(R) Camp discussing the Forrester quote “If we start from IT, then Business Architecture will fail”
  • togaftm: TOGAF Camp: 2nd topic: How could the EA reputation/value be improved for business people & manager/sponsor <yes, another good topic
  • stevenunn: Facilitating TOGAF(R) Camp discussing how to improve the EA’s reputation/value in the eyes of business people, PMs, sponsors
  • theopengroup: #poll Just in time for tonight’s #CloudCamp. Shift to the #Cloud: A “natural evolution,” or a “revolution”? http://twtpoll.com/qi4vyh
  • Technodad: At #CloudCamp #sandiego as part of #ogsdg ? Take the cloud ROI survey at http://svy.mk/ogcloud . (If you’re not here, take… http://ff.im/-xG8Yl

So that seems to be the lot for now: thanks again to those who Tweeted, because that really does help us ‘out here’.