13 years, 3 months ago

Is Your Industry in a State of Flux?

A week or so ago Metastorm presented a webinar on how to manage change in different industries.  The webinar explained how industry-specific capability models can accelerate the value of an organization’s transformation efforts. So what industries are most in need of a formal business transformation framework and platform?  When polled, respondents clearly emerged as having an immediate need for BT frameworks in the financial services and pharmaceutical industries.   

While the results of the poll were obviously influenced by the composition of the webinar attendees, the results can also be tied back to key market drivers.  In the past several years, both financial services and pharmaceutical companies have faced major compliance and regulation overhauls – forcing these companies to rethink and remodel they way they operate their business in order to cooperate with new compliance mandates.  These organizations are scrambling to meet new reporting requirements (and often want to be the leader in responding to them) and still push out new, successful and innovative products.  So, it makes sense that these organizations are looking for a framework that offers them expansive, accurate visibility into their organization. It is critical that the organization understands how they operate and how they can address these new requirements so that they can remain profitable in the market place and get ahead of the competition. 

However, organizations don’t just need a quick solution to solve one individual regulation.  They need a strong framework to prepare them for and support all change that is to come.

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