7 years, 10 months ago

Cloud-SOA Meta Model L1

Link: http://davidsprottsblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/cloud-soa-meta-model-l1.html

There’s a lot of loose talk about Cloud and SOA. From what I see most SaaS today is not SOA. In fact it’s mostly multi-tenanted Web applications with a browser interface. This “may” be satisfactory for SMEs but for larger enterprises this likely to be unacceptable. The primary inhibitor delaying enterprises migrating to the Cloud is less likely to be security than portability. And here enterprises need an architecture driven approach that forms the basis for good governance at all levels.

In retrospect, when we required effective governance for SOA, as an industry we developed rigorous models and profiles that allowed us to establish repeatable structure for deliverable and governance tooling. For Cloud we need to develop those vanilla SOA models to incorporate new classes and relationships. Interestingly, whilst there are some very important modifications to the base SOA model, for the Consumer perspective the differences are quite limited.
I have posted a discussion draft of an L1 Cloud Meta Model. Note this is a Consumer View and is a conceptual level model, based on the CBDI-SAE V3 Meta Model, intended to explore the key concepts and relationships for scoping purposes. Of course each package needs to be extended and or developed. I will be documenting this and providing explanatory materials in an upcoming CBDI Journal article. Meantime you can download the base CBDI-SAE V3 model and specification for definitions.
Be very interested to get feedback.
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