9 years, 4 months ago

Five Views of Business Architecture

#OMG #BAWG The Object Management Group Business Architecture Working Group has identified five key views of a business.

  1. the Business Strategy view (“What the Business Wants”)
  2. the Business Capabilities view (“What the Business Does”)
  3. the Value Stream view (“How the Business Does”)
  4. the Business Knowledge view (“What the Business Knows”, “How the Business Thinks”)
  5. the Organizational view (“What the Business Is”)

While working with the CBDI Forum between 2002 and 2009, I developed an approach to business modelling for SOA, which included an emphasis on decoupling the WHAT (what the business does, what the business knows) from the HOW (how the business does). We felt that this decoupling provided the best basis for managing differentiation and integration across complex enterprises, and for achieving appropriate economics of scale and scope.

In my more recent work on Organizational Intelligence, I have sought to further decouple “What the Business Knows” from “How the Business Thinks”. Different enterprises operating in the same ecosystem may be able to share a lot of common knowledge and information, but may each arrive at different judgements about What-Is-Going-On.

I shall be presenting the latest version of this schema in my Business Architecture Bootcamp and Organizational Intelligence Workshop, and explore how this schema helps to address a range of practical business problems.

 book now  Business Architecture Bootcamp (November 22-23, 2011)
 book now  Workshop: Organizational Intelligence (November 24th, 2011)