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The Buzz from our User Summit: Live Demo of Social & Mobile BPM

At our annual User Summit (Nov 7 – 9) in Reston, VA, one of the most talked about presentations was the demonstration of OpenText’s new mobile and social BPM capabilities. Steve Russell, SVP and CTO of our business process solutions group, walked the audience of over 400 attendees through a scenario where people were:

• interacting with dynamic process forms on an iPhone
• managing case complex work from an iPad, and
• monitoring internal social networks to provide real-time guidance for in-flight business processes.

The presentation not only provided cool insight into the future of our business process technologies, but got attendees thinking about more scenarios where process and case management could be applied.   Attendees were interested in extending BPM to a new set of mobile and field workers and customers (e.g., “How do we integrate our existing customer-facing mobile apps with mobile BPM apps”). They were curious to learn more about how teams could use social network feeds to guide process outcomes or improve customer service (e.g., “how can our insurance agents provide better service on the ground following a natural disaster”).  I received several questions about how knowledge workers accessing existing process apps on PCs on or off-premise, might instead move to tablet based solutions (e.g., “all of our attorneys have iPads – I want to learn more about moving our existing process app to the tablet”). Our latest product introductions and a few near-term roadmap deliverables provided new answers and insight to answering these and other questions.

If you would like to learn more about our social BPM offerings visit our Mobile BPM solution page download one of our recent Social BPM webinars or ask your contact us and we can bring a similar demonstration to your site.

Is Social BPM a Fad?  Matt Ridely Would Argue “No”
I just watched a TED video of British author Matt Ridley, “When Ideas have Sex.”While it is not a video about Social BPM, it does discuss the value of how communities socialize ideas to innovate. This video really helped cement in my mind the benefits we are achieving through our Social BPM capabilities. As Matt Ridley explains in his TED talk, “what is relevant to a society is how well people are communicating their ideas and how well they are cooperating… because of the connections people are making and the ability of ideas to mate as never before… we are surely accelerating the rate of innovation.” I have heard some people refer to Social BPM as a fad, but based on the knowledge shared by Mr. Ridley, one can better understand how companies are and will be using Social BPM capabilities to drive further innovation and differentiation.

To see Mr. Ridley’s complete TED talk, go here.

How Social Technologies are Improving Case Management
As I explained in a recent presentation (Gartner ITxpo: An Introduction to Adaptive Case Management), the idea of using technology to share information is not new. Email exchanges have gone on for decades. Services like LinkedIn, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter are uses by hundreds of millions, if not billions of people. The power of social BPM is in accelerating the efficiency and exchange of ideas. In the context of adaptive case management (ACM), the Social BPM capabilities we provide  simply enables users to get more work done in a single context-rich environment, rather than shifting between multiple tools and communication devices to get their work done. When applied into the ACM environment the exchange of ideas –“in the context of my work” – through these social technologies advances innovation and competitive differentiation for organizations. 

If you have a couple of minutes, be sure to check out the entertaining presentation on Case Management found through the link above. Questions or comments? Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me on Twitter @weekstweets.

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