9 years, 11 days ago

Organizational Intelligence eBook

Link: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Soapbox/~3/yd7FcDrleAI/organizational-intelligence-ebook.html

#orgintelligence I have put a draft of my Organizational Intelligence book onto the @LeanPub platform. This is now available in PDF, ePUB and MOBI.


I’m also hoping to get a draft of my Business Architecture book up soon, but this is going to take a bit longer because of the large number of diagrams.

If you work for a large company and can claim the book on expenses, please consider paying the full price. Otherwise, early readers can get the book for $15, paid via PayPal. LeanPub takes a small cut and I get the rest.

The idea of the LeanPub platform is to provide financial and moral support to authors during the development process. A variable pricing scheme encourages readers to subscribe to a book at an early stage and get full access to the book as it develops. I’m also hoping to get a lot of detailed questions, comments and suggestions.

Many thanks to Tom Graves for introducing me to LeanPub. As he states in his blog on Publishing Tetradian e-Books via LeanPub, there are a few constraints and minor bugs in the platform at present; so if you are thinking of publishing something yourself, please feel free to talk to Tom or myself.