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The Project Business Model Principles

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This post is number eight in a series of ten about real life experiences of using business model thinking as a foundation for planning and delivering change. Writing this post I’ve had the help of a true friend and admirable colleague (Eva Kammerfors) whom I’ve shared many of the referred to business model experiences with.

The Project Business Model Principles

Use of this map is a bit different then the other maps. It’s to be used throughout the whole process. You would of course start with working with this map to make sure you have some values and then you’d continue to refine your principles and evaluate your decisions based on these.

You put your project in the center and then you’d use the four defaults as guides as you investigate your own principles. A guiding hand is also given by the sectors at the bottom. Aligning principles with the sectors will give you a way of expressing power, a sense of urgency and legitimacy for the project.

The Project Business Model

When you work with the project principles, do so in a workshop format. Give everyone a set of cards containing the principle map and some empty cards that they can outline their own view of detailed principles for the project that relate back to the map.  Merge all cards on a wall sized card. After the merge the group can prioritize using dots or any other marker on the wall sized card.

This is as all the work in The Project Business Model a highly participative and visual way of creating the understanding of the project results and effects. 


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