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Experts of the Enterprise Architecture World

The practice of Enterprise Architecture is a dynamic and constantly evolving world. To ensure you remain at the very pinnacle of the practice and keep your knowledge current, we’ve gone about collating some of the leading minds within Enterprise Architecture bubble (many of whom can be found on EA Voices).

So dust off your bookmarks, load up your unused twitter profile and prepare for a selection of Enterprise Architecture experts currently sending architecture gold into the world wide web ether.

Mike Walker

Mike Walker is widely recognised as a leader within the field of enterprise architecture. Mike’s recent ‘TOGAF Demystification series’ is perfect for masses out there looking to get to grips with the most widely implemented enterprise architecture, TOGAF. Mike has brought about many approaches now considered mainstream through his posts, articles and books. He recently joined Hewlett Packard as Enterprise Architecture and Strategy Adviser, he has many online publications including Cloud strategy and Planning Series and A Day in the Life of an Enterprise Architect.

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Tom Graves

Tom Graves is an independent consultant and enterprise architecture veteran with more than three decades in the sector. Currently in his mid-sixties, Tom boasts a wealth of real-world experience in various business operations. If you read Tom’s about us page on the blog, he is a “business-anarchist, confusionist…” which he believes readily describes his approach to enterprise architecture. He stresses strategy and futures while taking into account relationships between an enterprise and the market; incorporating the field of IT in the mix as well. Mr. Graves is also a noted author; having written approximately twenty books during his career. You can read a series of his Tom’s ebooks via LeanPub with titles including Mapping the Enterprise, Bridging the Silos and Everyday Enterprise Architecture.

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Nick Malik

Nick Malik began writing programmes at university in 1979 and has been heavily involved in the “dot-com” industry ever since. Nick currently works for Microsoft as an Enterprise Strategy Architect and can regulary be found blogging on the MSDN platform. Having experienced the boom and bust days of e-commerce and the IT sector, Nick is well-versed in the need for efficient enterprise architecture and thus, he remains on board as a consultant at Microsoft fulfilling this role. He has maintained an interactive blog since September of 2004 and recently co-authored a book entitled ‘Stories that Move Mountains: Storytelling and Visual Design for Persuasive Presentations’, which can be found as always on Amazon.

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Dana Gardner

Dana Gardner is one of the industry leaders in enterprise software, cloud computing, data interactions and social media strategies for today’s IT environment. He is also currently president and principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions; a research and consulting firm. He has covered the emerging presence of enterprise architecture for the past 18 years and has a specific interest in the changing face of social media and its applications to modern IT processes. Dana continues to write numerous articles around enterprise architecture and releases regular podcats that can be found on his Blog for leading tech publication ZDNet.

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Adrian Campbell

UK based, Adrian Campbell is well-versed in the field of enterprise architecture. His numerous blog posts tend to stress the application of correct enterprise architecture into modern platforms. Such titles include Going from Just Good Enough to Being Great and EA is Strategic Planning. Adrian brings an extensive knowledge base of fundamentals into the EA arena while focusing on how best to implement the core strategies involved.

Adrian’s blog can be found here:

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Serge Thorn

According to his current profile Serge Thorn is currently involved in developing and delivering new Enterprise Architecture consultancy services, implementing Governance and managing IT Operations. Notwithstanding these current activities, Serge boasts experience in finance/procurement, audit/risk management and banking vendor’s management. Serge is also a TOGAF-9 accredited trainer and his post on Building an Enterprise Architecture value proposition using TOGAF® 9.1. and ArchiMate 2.0 is a must read.

See if you can encourage Serge to Blog again as there has been some radio silence since October:

Summing up

So there you have it, a few new follows on twitter and some knowledge rich experts to follow. As you look to hone your skills and knowledge, perhaps implement the 80/20 rule, 80 per cent working 20 per cent learning. That way you can greater expand your knowledge and remain at the forefront in an ever evolving marketplace.


Author Bio: This article was written by . Edward has been a Technical Writer in the IT Training industry for 2 years for Firebrand Training, who offer Enterprise Architecture certifications. In his current role, Edward writes on a range of IT related topics including EA, Project Management, Networking and Server Management.