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Enterprise Architecture: Managing the impact of change.

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BLOG - Managing impact of change

All businesses, in responding to change drivers will require some modification to the business and technology landscape in which they operate.

Whether change occurs through the introduction of some initiative intended to develop new or improve existing services or because some external influence mandates that change occurs, there will be some impact experienced.

The ability to manage change effectively is crucial for business success. Understanding the cost of implementing change and its effect on the viability of the business is essential.

An Enterprise Architecture can assist in both assessing the nature of the impact and in managing its magnitude.

The impact of change can be traced through a business by exploring for example:

  • Business vision and strategy:
    • Is there any conflict?
    • Are modifications required?
    • Is consistency maintained?
  • Business Capabilities.
    • Are capabilities being improved?
    • Are new capabilities required?
  • Business Processes
    • Are existing processes sufficient?
    • Do new processes need to be developed?
    • What roles (internal and external) are affected?
    • Is training or re-training required?
  • Business and Technical Function
    • Which functions are affected?
    • What business information is used?
    • Do new functions need to be developed?
    • What applications and interfaces will require modification?
  • Services delivery
    • What support services are affected?
    • Are existing skills sufficient to accommodate the change?
    • What are the viable delivery options?
    • What will be the cost ramifications?
  • Infrastructure
    • Can the existing infrastructure support the change?
    • Can demand be satisfied?
    • Do new technology sets need to be acquired?
    • Does there need to be an extension or modification to the current architecture?

Does there need to be an extension or modification to the current architecture?

All change will have an impact. All impact will have an associated cost. Cost can have a various dimensions the relative import of each having some bearing on the decision making process.

  • Financial
  • Resource (Human and Asset)
  • Customer
  • Operational

An Enterprise Architecture enables the business to determine the impact of change. Through the identification of possible options on how the change may be realised it is able to manage the impact so that optimal benefit is achieved across each of the cost dimensions are regarded as important.