10 years, 10 months ago

Alignment – Mobility

Positioning one’s own personal brand is something that may not come naturally to some folks. One may think that only applies to marketing types. But it doesn’t. Its important to demonstrate a sense of flexibility and awareness to one’s contirbutions within organizations. Personally, I think a bit of variety in one’s career is beneficial and creates additional value. I heard a story once where one’s resume contained a number of seemingly different jobs and careers. It might have first appeared to be random and inconsistent. But when one peeled the layers aware they realized a common thread of helping people obtain their own objectives as a common thread.

I think variety is important in one’s career but we should be careful of too much variety or mobility. At least in the US, it seems the days of the 40 year job tenure are over for the most part. After a few jobs moves, it may be beneficial to look and see what commonality exists between assignments and jobs. Is there a common thread forming? Does identification of this common thread enable you to better focus your own career objectives? Are there better assignment/job/career moves you can make now to better develop this career thread?

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