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Published: Acme Building Materials Case Study

We are proud to announce that SEAS Inc. has published the Acme Building Materials Case Study to the Apple Book store on May 31, 2014. View the iTunes page here. The book is available for download to your iPad or Mac iBooks application free of charge.  The book has an introductory video and several interactive components that facilitate learning.

SEAS launched the Case Study on May 15, 2013 by developing problem text for a fictitious company called Acme Building Materials, the original post can be found on this link.  SEAS selected a handful of members to provide thought leadership to solve the business problems facing ABM and develop an answer key.

The simulation exercise has been a rewarding experience for the participants and we believe the answer key adds substantial insights to a methodical way to solve complex business problems similar to ABM’s.  The answer key progresses through a structured method to identify all the problems facing ABM and evolves an answer key with the following sections:

  1. Executive Summary – Includes cost-benefit analysis with $7M ROI of $1.8M spend, $5M in increased Revenues and $2M in Cost Reduction
  2. Situation Analysis – Demonstrating a structured method for identifying and focusing on the problem domain
  3. Innovation & Strategy Assessment – Demonstrating the health check of Strategy & Innovation with a roadmap
  4. People Assessment – Demonstrating the health check assessment for people & change management with a roadmap
  5. Enterprise Architecture Assessment – Demonstrating the health check assessment for EA with a roadmap
  6. ABM Turn-Around Roadmap – Demonstrating a comprehensive 2-year roadmap, 3 phases, 3 disciplines, and 2 work-streams: strategic and tactical

SEAS thanks the authors, contributors, reviewers, and editor of this case study for their outstanding efforts. Those individuals have put in numerous hours pouring over the information, analyzing, questioning, and developing the answer key.

Special thanks to Jeffrey Phillips, VP of Marketing at OVO, for writing the book’s foreword. Jeffrey shares his insights on Innovation and Change Management and the importance of managing change holistically.

We hopes that you find the case study insightful and would love to hear from you. We encourage you to rate the book and write a review on the Apple Bookstore. You can also share your thoughts on our LinkedIn group.

Happy reading!