6 years, 8 months ago

Internal Alignment

Have you ever tried to drive a car where the front-end is out of alignment? I’m no mechanic, but there are several components that make up the “front-end” that need to be adjusted correctly. This includes the front wheels themselves. Otherwise, one can feel the car pull from side-to-side or sometimes just drift while driving on a long straight section of road.

Or, have you driven a car where the air-to-fuel mixture is incorrect? Even the mechanically challenged can observe this happen. One can smell the fuel when the car is running. Or the car simply doesn’t run!

Our lives are no different. Our personal and work-related ambitions, desires, and values all need to be in sync. Otherwise, we’re miserable, tired, frustrated. We don’t see the joy and satisfaction available to us. And, we don’t perform at our optimium potential within our personal or work lives. We won’t have the necessary insight or clarify to make important decisions.

In subsequent posts, I want to explore a number of questions related to personal alignment within the context of our work lives.

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