6 years, 8 months ago

Thoughts on the Business Reference Model (BRM)

Mike Walker recently posted regarding the new Business Reference Model (BRM) released by The Open Group (TOG) which inspired me to review the document and subsequently provide these remarks. I applaud TOG and the contributors for their work. I myself find it difficult to find time outside my regular work for the collaborate sharing that makes the Enterprise Architecture (EA, EntArch) community, so I respect the effort.

I am puzzled why a consortium like TOG would release a paper authored solely by one firm? Isn’t the purpose of the group to pull in other industry participants? Now, I’ll admit that I didn’t raise my hand to contribute, but shouldn’t TOG defer releasing content that didn’t include at least one other firm in the dialog?

To put it plainly, we need another framework/model like a hole in the head. We have enough frameworks already and being the nerd I am, I like to map and correlate them all together. How does the new BRM map itself into or wrap other models such as, but not limited to any of the following?

  • Jeanne Ross’ Operating Model (CISC MIT)
  • Enterprise Design Framework (http://intersectionbook.com)
  • Porter’s Five Forces, Balanced Scorecard, etc.
  • Business Model Canvas
  • TOGAF and specifically its metamodel (ch. 34)
  • ArchiMate (which, itself, its out of sync with TOGAF but this is being reconciled)

I’m sure we could extend this list. But a final section entitled “Relationships to other Frameworks” would aide the community along with some examples of how the BRM has been used in practice.

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