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The dark side of sensationalism in architecture

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Every one and especially bloggers, as well as anyone wanting to sell their good or services likes to use a bit of sensationalism to get noticed. I for example often like to be controversial. Other mechanism I have come across are claiming something as new even if it has been around for a long time or promising large savings. Other acceptable acceptable methods are to to use over personification, a great optical design, endowments of famous people or a great title. 

The next level of sensationalism where I feel it inappropriate to venture is to appeal on fear, such as for job security, so as if you are not reading this article, book, buy this course or learn this technique you will be unemployable in the near future. Often this is done in a deliberate obtuse way as to avoid being spotted. This technique is usually used by organisations that create fake job adds for really interesting job openings with a key classification that is usually something you will not have. A few days later they will use your contact details they got from your job application through a different front selling you courses and materials on the subject and as such implying that you did not get that juicy job as you did not have that special training.

The worst kind of sensationalism is the one that manipulates emotions of belonging by committing facts or putting them into the wrong context and focussing on trivial and personal happiness when you start to belong to a group in terms of following an organisation. These macro or mini groups that operate very similar to sects are usually found in specialised areas of architecture with little public information available. Usually you are approached by a fellow architect who ‘ really likes you and just wants you to get in contact with this incredible great architectural leader’. Once you agree you start talking with someone up in a pyramid schema, who tells you about all the ver important people he does business. He will push out names and avoid really to get to level where you can start to discuss anything, as their business model builds on networking and emotional depending. Sadly from my own view I have seen this happening several times with intelligent people usually ‘giving’ a tenth of their salary to these groups (or their leaders) who give cautious approval to their disciples. I hope that I am just encountering this more than others as I would otherwise have to calculate that this sad state in effecting at least one in twenty architects. 

However if you are in any group where you have to pay a part of your salary to in architecture be advised that you can be successful without that group. Outside of architecture there is usually one exception in the form of unions, but belonging to a union is not mandatory for good employment as an architect. Be especially careful when other members will make obtuse remarks of doom if you approach them with the idea of leaving. Please be aware that you are able to get all information and opportunities of networking without belonging to any special group.

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