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Fail Fast – Why did the Chicken cross the road?

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A commonly accepted principle of architecture and engineering is to avoid a single point of failure (SPOF). A single depot for a chain of over 850 fast food restaurants could be risky, as KFC was warned when it announced that it was switching its logistics from Bidvest to a partnership with DHL and QSL, to be served out of a single depot in Rugby. We may imagine that the primary motivation for KFC was cost-saving, although the announcement was dressed up in management speak – “re-writing the rule book” and “setting a new benchmark”.

The new system went live on 14th February 2018. The changeover did not go well: by the weekend, over three quarters of the stores were closed. Rugby is a great location for a warehouse – except when there is a major incident on a nearby motorway. (Who knew that could happen?)

After a couple of weeks of disruption, as well as engaging warehouse-as-a-service startup Stowga for non-food items, KFC announced that it was resuming its relationship with Bidvest. According to some reports, Burger King also flirted with DHL some years ago before returning to Bidvest. History repeating itself.

However, the problems faced by KFC cannot be attributed solely to the decision to supply the whole UK mainland from Rugby. A just-in-time supply chain needs contingency planning – covering business continuity and disaster recovery. (Good analysis by Richard Priday, who tweets as @InsomniacSteel.)

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