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Interview with Zoetis CEO and CIO—Session Video

Link: https://cisr.mit.edu/publication/interview-zoetis-ceo-and-cio-session-video


There’s little doubt that the future of business is digital. Having a top management team (TMT) that understands the role of digital in the firm’s success makes a huge difference. MIT CISR research has shown that large firms whose executive team has that understanding—which we call digital savvy—outperformed other firms by more than 48%, based on revenue growth and valuation. In this session, Peter Weill interviewed the CEO and CIO of Zoetis—Kristin Peck and Wafaa Mamilli—about best practices that ensure coordination between the CIO and CEO and support a digitally savvy TMT.

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Peter Weill
Kristin Peck
Wafaa Mamilli