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A week in Tweets: 26 December 2010 – 01 January 2011

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Managing to keep up to date at present, so here’s the list of Tweets and links for the week (and year) just past. Usual categories, of course.

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture, business strategy and suchlike:

  • tetradian: [post] Where is the information when we need it? http://bit.ly/hPBME3 #entarch #itarch #orgarch #systems
  • jdevoo: MIT SMR Analytics: New Path to Value http://bit.ly/g0ExUs – contrast with @tetradian’s post Where is the Info? http://bit.ly/eu9yrF #entarch
  • oscarberg: RT @Avinio: HBR: How Social Networking Has Changed Business http://bit.ly/fWTacp
  • oscarberg: RT @jimworth: Is it the end of the strategic planning cycle? – Why the CIO Role is Under Fire http://bit.ly/d9A9ue by @rwang0 #forbes #cio
  • CreatvEmergence: Interview w/Christopher Alexander (Pattern Language) via @Rapidinnovation @rotkapchen http://bit.ly/enNFTm <strong recommend #entarch
  • business_design: Back to basics! RT @SourcingIt: On Ronald Coase’s 100th birthday: “Why do firms exist?” http://econ.st/fBRWLj #bmgen #entarch #sourcing
  • CreatvEmergence: Emergence in organizations – http://ow.ly/3uVHQ via @technoshaman @DavidHolzmer <formal academic paper – looks useful
  • vernaallee: RT @HarvardBiz Designing for Propensity http://s.hbr.org/gLDkzx – very compatible with value network principles! #entarch
  • vernaallee: Good luck = accident. Good management = control (yeah right!). Good fortune means working with what is emerging in a way you can succeed.
  • oscarberg: RT @humancapleague Extreme Culture, Social Capital and Tata http://su.pr/1y6vTS #csr #bizarch #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @complexified: http://bit.ly/dURFkT 1993 intvw with Meg Wheatley.  Living systems..capacity to..reorganize..to be better adapted to…current environment. <old but highly relevant summation of chaotic-systems principles in business
  • getstoried: How to pick a brand name, beyond the typical “amateur hour” brainstorm – http://bit.ly/hNV5Rg << great article by @heathbrothers #bizarch #bmgen
  • basvg: RT @aleksb6: A #bizarch antipattern from the #capability elves: “The Static Nature of Inventory Viewpoint” http://bit.ly/gQRpji #entarch #cio #ceo #coo
  • vernaallee: A Baker’s Dozen Principles of Value Networks | ValueNetworks.com http://shar.es/XiQ3Q <recommend #entarch
  • vernaallee: RT @MichaelEPorter: “What Is Value in Health Care?” In The New England Journal of Medicine http://bit.ly/dUrNc1 <defines ‘value’ as “health outcomes for every dollar spent” – which drags us back to the dead-end of monetary metrics again… bah!!! :-(
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @RussSchoen: the role whimsy can play in business success ~ jet blue http://lnkd.in/eXw8QE #bmgen #bizarch #entarch
  • vernaallee: You cannot administer a network – you can only serve it through the roles you play. From Principles of Value Networks http://shar.es/XK4TE #entarch
  • SAlhir: (Talent + Culture + ExtremeCustomerFocus) x DisciplinedExecution = BusinessSuccess RT @AwesomelySimple: Formula4Business Success http://ow.ly/3vQRQ #bmgen
  • adrianrcampbell: #EntArch as the Office of the CEO http://wp.me/p1p9N-38 #BizArch #cio
  • nickmalik: [Post] Can EA tools be rewritten to allow many different metamodels for specific purposes? http://bit.ly/eM9UY2 #entarch
  • SystemsWiki: What kinds of measures/targets support systems level improvements over localized optimization? http://lnkd.in/R2sM5m #entarch
  • thoughttrans: RT @seabird20: RT @taotwit @bmichelson @colinbeveridge one thing I found useful is to speak less about EA and more about biz strategy +1 <agree #entarch
  • mikejwalker: RT @MIT_CISR: NEW DOWNLOAD VIDEO PODCAST: Jeanne W. Ross on Enterprise Architecture http://ow.ly/3vDBl #CIO #EA #entarch #IT
  • SAlhir: RT @aaker: Tracking happiness http://bit.ly/4eWNO4 #Dangilbert http://bit.ly/XWt1U #entarch #bizarch #orgarch
  • greblhad: TOGAF 9 ADM vs LEAN Kaizen: http://wp.me/p7ejN-8O // TOGAF 9 ADM vs 3P LEAN: http://wp.me/p7ejN-8S <two useful comparisons between step-by-step methods
  • CreatvEmergence: Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to Scale http://t.co/RtkrXW5 via @davidahood <recommend re #change etc – v.useful how-to from Margaret Wheatley and others at Berkana Institute
  • thoughttrans: RT @bmichelson: oh sure, I’ll work for free on your for profit endeavor, the day after hell freezes over. #getaclue <one Group-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named repeatedly asked me to pay them for the ‘privilege’ of working on their for-profit endeavour, and were seemingly surprised when I answered ‘No’… :-|
  • SAlhir: “evolutionary” approach to change is “revolutionary” RT @flowchainsensei: Big Change Up Front (BCUF) http://bit.ly/gFu68i @alshalloway #agile #itdev #orgarch
  • vernaallee: All value is subjective and contextual – even financial value. Value is an emergent property of social systems. http://t.co/WQqnJC0 <re-notify of earlier ‘Baker’s Dozen principles of value-systems’ post
  • business_design: RT @rachelrosenfelt: Yeah, this is the best aggregation of relevant tech/business thinkers/innovators out there: http://www.edgerati.com/ (h/t @jhagel) <useful list, even if very US-centric

A brief discussion on ‘workaround cultures’:

  • vernaallee: Value network modeling addresses this issue RT @entwistletx “work arounds” costly, impair organizational effectiveness http://ow.ly/3vPuP <”In healthcare the Pareto (80/20) principle does not apply” – cumulative impacts mean that we need to address all issues, not solely the ‘low-hanging fruit’
  • MikeGotta: @vernaallee process = way work should be done; practice = how work is done. Not all processes are 100% inelastic, some allow variability // Workarounds could just as easily be the key to process improvement, you can create your own arguments either way
  • entwistletx: @vernaallee @mikegotta Plea for greater flexibility makes sense given that local governance issues can vary.
  • vernaallee: @MikeGotta – LOL We are in violent agreement. Workarounds need to be made visible to address whether formal interactions need improvement.
  • MikeGotta: @vernaallee ah, very true, visibility, discoverability, transparency etc all help deal with good/bad workarounds

Narrative knowledge, knowledge-management, creativity, leadership and in-person collaboration:

  • bonifer: RT @Cnvrgnc: It’s not about the “next” big idea, its about reframing the conversation in new language so breakthrough thinking can actually happen.
  • SAlhir: RT @Leadershipfreak “The Why of Work” – 3 components of meaning = emotional bonds, a sense of purpose, and using our skills to serve others.
  • vernaallee: The true shape and nature of collaboration is not a social network but a value network – a purposeful network focused on value and outcomes.
  • orgnet: @vernaallee “social” and “value” are hard to separate in many networks, especially professional and entrepreneurial… IMHO
  • CreatvEmergence: Applied Anthropology meets Applied Improvisation: http://wp.me/pNnlN-7m via @paulzj <recommend #bizstory #entarch
  • oscarberg: RT @humancapleague: By @hjarche: What is working smarter? http://su.pr/2pfIuY
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @semanticwill: “The Future of the Future: Unclogging the knowledge pipeline” http://bit.ly/hRkAoA #KM #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: Improvisation: a Tool for Understanding Humor and Empathy: http://wp.me/pNnlN-6r via @maverickwoman #bizstory #collab
  • SAlhir: A life’s work has always meaning! RT @Jabaldaia A desired balance or intuition and wisdom http://bit.ly/cp2NMH
  • vernaallee: RT @jhagel: Are we hard-wired for hierarchy? Bad news for the kumbaya crowd . . . http://bit.ly/gRp8JZ <completely unfounded conclusion from research (circular reasoning, in fact): MRI shows current configuration/activation of a highly plastic system after nurture/development – possible propensity in a plastic system in a social context is not same as ‘hard-wired for hierarchy’!
  • bonifer: RT @greggvm: Updated Story and Narrative for 12/29 via @scoopit http://bit.ly/hAtHOZ #storytelling <v.useful resource of links etc on storytelling in various forms on all types of media
  • vernaallee: Novices have all the answers. Competent people have some answers and a few questions. REAL experts only have questions! <mostly agree: experts do need to have some answers, if only to establish credibility where needed, and to seed discussion (sometimes with intentionally ‘wrong’ answers)
  • oscarberg: Great slide deck: Top 10 Mistakes in Behavior Change http://slidesha.re/hsdsWx #change
  • vernaallee: RT @jhagel: Intriguing presentation by @kirstianiaclark on the creation of narrative landscapes http://bit.ly/eBXMEE <narrative as geology and/or archaeology for #bizstory etc – strong recommend
  • KMskunkworks: The challenge for #KM is to manage performance/environment to enable the high commitment high performance workplace [PDF] http://bit.ly/i8k6wS
  • getstoried: Life Story Interview process by Dan McAdams http://bit.ly/h04RKd via @gumption #reinvention <adapt for #bizstory #entarch
  • business_design: Like RT @coachgoldsmith: The Difference Between Great and Near Great http://goo.gl/fb/9xn67 <..is a habit of #listening
  • unorder: Just added an early bird option http://bit.ly/ejlF4I <’Storytelling for Business Leaders’, London, 16feb11 – strong recommend

Social-media, ‘enterprise 2.0’ and other themes around online collaboration:

IT-architecture, IT-systems, IT-development and IT matters in general:

  • SAlhir: RT @saugustine RT @teale: Usability & Agile – A natural fit? | http://ow.ly/3vqqM | #usability #agile #in #ux #itdev
  • bartleeten: RT @yarapavan: Every “best paper” from CS conferences -WWW, SIGIR, CIKM, AAAI, CHI, KDD, SIGMOD, ICML, VLDB, IJCAI, UIST- since 1996. http://j.mp/g2e7Lc #itarch #itdev

Society, culture, economics, corporate social responsibility and other ‘big-picture’ themes:

  • jdevoo: Governing technology for #sustainability: ‘Energy Citizenship’ by Patrick Devine-Wright http://bit.ly/eEuERB (via @Earthscan)
  • oscarberg: “information regarding human rights violations should not be considered secret or classified” http://j.mp/fS6UAK /via @DamraMuminovic <official response from UN and others on how international law applies to the Wikileaks farrago
  • SAlhir: RT @VenessaMiemis: new post – Infographic: New Lenses of Wealth http://bit.ly/fEFw1t #futureofmoney #wealth
  • fer_ananda: There is no beauty, no goodness, no bliss, no trust in conventional money yet everyone fights for it. Why is that? <a very good question…
  • SAlhir: RT @umairh: Should 21st century economies target Happiness instead of GDP? http://ht.ly/3tvM6 #economics #culture #entarch
  • Bonifer: Farmer-scientist group wants to ‘hack society’ through open-source technology http://bit.ly/gd4h2F via @grist #gamechangers <v.interesting ‘appropriate technology’, already well beyond proof-of-concept stage
  • vernaallee: Vision of an achievable sustainable world. http://zoom.it/foTF World Business Council for a Sustainable Future and Bob Horn <step-by-step milestones and risks 2010-2050
  • jdevoo: RT @GuardianSustBiz: economic downturn pushes #sustainability off the agenda http://ow.ly/3tELh >> 2011 resol: ensure it stays top of mind
  • SAlhir: RT @umairh: My new book–”The New Capitalist Manifesto”–out now!! http://amzn.to/dCNA4s << A must read!

And, of course, the microcosmic miscellany:

  • business_design: RT @om: this is fantastic reading: RT @RajSetty: Metrics that Matter for 2011 (W/PDF) http://bit.ly/fua41x <a valuable personal and professional challenge…
  • business_design: For creative types who love writing/drawing on walls (e.g. me): whiteyboard.com advertising video http://goo.gl/PCys7 (via Simon Jagers) <looks useful: US only?
  • BillIves: How to choose the Twitter client that’s right for you http://bit.ly/esSycz <useful summary
  • DavidGurteen: Skype’s New App Brings Video Chat To The iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch http://tcrn.ch/eilhCt
  • bartleeten: Amazon.com Help: Lending Kindle Books http://j.mp/eycDTj << Getting social with Kindle based books.