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An integrated view of change

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It often happens that when you reach for the business strategic view to explain why certain things should happen at other levels, communication get overtly complicated. Most of us are used to encountering strategy maps, scorecards, motivation models and since 2009 business model canvases. The problem I’ve encountered is that these perspectives of the business are rarely integrated properly. One general reason I’ve seen that this is the case is that there are different professions using these tools.

This is how I’ve experienced that the different professions have used the tools

– Strategy maps and balanced scorecards are mainly used by managers in business strategy and planning.
– Motivation models are generally used by enterprise architects as they try to align IT with business.
– Business Model Canvas has been mainly used by business architects in trying to understand and communicate “the way” the business is configured to play in the market.

An integrated view

This hinders communication and understanding of the business and its intentions. To get passed that state and in to a more fruitful collaboration I’ve sometimes suggested the use of an integrated view on these tools.  (Clicking the image opens the document in google docs)

One way of integrating the tools

Now get out there and start communicating the change!
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