8 years, 3 months ago

Are we making progress?

Link: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/DemandingChange/~3/-x8Ce9ZzIAU/are-we-making-progress.html

In a great post, @JohnQShift explains how to build a culture of learning in your business. He calls this A Matter of Life or Death (Feb 2013)

In the post, John reports one of his clients observing that they had made some progress in their business over the year.  By progress, the client meant that

  • people were beginning to take up more responsibility and initiative without having to wait for the boss to tell them what to do
  • there was more discussion amongst the staff as to how to manage some of the day-to-day challenges they meet and less referring to the boss for the “answer”
  • mistakes were being used as entry points to examining business processes and working out how they could be improved
  • they had a clearer idea of their collective purpose and how important relationship is to achieving that purpose
  • the leaders were devoting more of their time to ensuring the conditions and structures of the business were optimised so that people could get on with their jobs (and less time micro-managing operational tasks).

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