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The Project Business Model Stakeholder Impact

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This post is number ten in a series of ten about real life experiences of using business model thinking as a foundation for planning and delivering change. Writing this post I’ve had the help of a true friend and admirable colleague (Eva Kammerfors), whom I’ve shared many of the referred to business model experiences with.

The Project Business Model Stakeholder Impact

There is a lot of different stakeholders affecting any project, you can use this detailed map after you’ve worked on the overall stakeholders map to refine what building blocks they affect and how. This map can be worked on in several different ways. I would recommend that one start by shaping a statement template for each cell, a generic format for the statement could be <Party> affects the <Building block> by <The impact>.

Just because this is number 10 in the series of posts does not imply that you should do this as the tenth step. We must recognize that each project require its own approach, as such you must configure the use of the tools.


The Project Business Model Stakeholder Impact

As usual when you work with these ways of working you should do so in a workshop format. Give everyone a set of cards containing the above stakeholder impact map. Let the participants outline their own view of the stakeholders impacts and then merge all information from the cards on a wall sized card.

This is as all the work in The Project Business Model a highly participative and visual way of creating the understanding of the project results and effects. 


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