2 years, 5 months ago

The State of Artificial Intelligence and Need for Standards: A Conversation with Syed Husain

Link: https://blog.opengroup.org/2018/08/22/the-state-of-artificial-intelligence-and-need-for-standards-a-conversation-with-syed-husain/

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a lot of promise, but it is still in the hype phase. Although strides have been made in machine learning and cognitive computing, most practical applications for AI are still nascent. As such, this is the right time to begin developing AI standards that can address some of the issues that have already been identified with AI, such as potential bias and the ethical concerns behind the technology, so that business value can be maximized.

Syed Husain, Manager Enterprise Architecture for Accenture, examined these topics at The Open Group London event in April 2018. In this far-reaching conversation, we spoke with Husain about where AI stands today, what the ultimate promise of AI is and the value standards may be able to bring to this still-emerging technology.