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A calm kind of word. Quiet. Friendly. Supportive, enfolding – those kinds of feelings.

A companion is literally “someone with whom we share bread”. Hence companionship is that state, condition, process, experience, whatever, of ’sharing bread’ with companions.

So it’s an interesting word – and an especially interesting metaphor for enterprise-architecture.

In your enterprise, in your work-context, or elsewhere, with whom do you share your (metaphoric, or maybe even literal) bread? Why? How? In what ways do you share it? What is it that connects you as ‘companions’ in a shared-enterprise?

With whom do you not share your bread? Why not? How not? How and why are these Others not your companions in this enterprise?

What happens when you offer to share your bread, and your offer is refused? How do you feel about the refusal?

What happens when someone simply takes the bread, perhaps without even asking? How do you feel when your offer is not even noticed, but the bread taken anyway as if as of ‘right’?

What happens when someone agrees to share, offers to share, takes your bread, and then betrays their own offer? What are your feelings about that ‘not-companion’, and about future offers of companionship from that quarter?

It’s a metaphor that can be most enlightening in every aspect of enterprise-architecture, business-architecture, even in IT service-architectures… explore?

Comments, perhaps?