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A week in Tweets: 20-26 February 2011

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A somewhat skimpy week of Tweets and links this time, as I missed out on most of a couple of days in transit from Australia back to England: hope it’s useful, anyway. Usual categories, of course: over to you?

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture, business-strategy, innovation and other business-type stuff:

  • oscarberg: “We must destroy the concept of the CEO. The notion of the ‘visionary,’ the ‘captain of the ship’, is bankrupt…” http://tumblr.com/xba1k9z8as <I agree that we need to drop the ‘command-and-control’ delusion, but the role of CEO as ‘holder of the vision’ is not something to discard too lightly… #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @Annemcx: the most powerful form of organisation is one with an infectious vision in an unstructured environment #entarch
  • oscarberg: A better strategy than trying to beat or destroy a competitor is trying to win the hearts of customers <strong agree #bizarch
  • DavidGurteen: Fearing doing something http://bit.ly/et0q4e <v.important #entarch #orgarch
  • SAlhir: RT @hrbartender Old Doesn’t Mean Dirty. #business #HR #leadership – http://is.gd/yLS9Pq <nice distinction – useful in #bmgen #bizarch #entarch etc
  • SAlhir: RT @DavidHolzmer Overcoming the Disruption of Process Change – Harvard Business Review http://ow.ly/40jFP <practical how-to #change
  • rtolido: If someone offers you MDM [Master Data Management] in a box, ask them how you get your CFO into it. Good post by Capgemini’s @mosesjones http://bit.ly/elyhku <yes – much more to it than just the technology, and it always needs adaptation to the culture #itarch #entarch
  • business_design: Business Model You book project, applies the Business Model Canvas to your career http://goo.gl/0hkVP #bmgen
  • gkathan: via @Rndm: The Stakeholder Perspective: The Ecosystem http://bit.ly/fbZs2K <recommend: in-depth broader view of technical-debt #entarch #itarch
  • kvistgaard: I certainly prefer bad meta-models to good motto-models. Marketing is so pervasive, it takes a lot to ignore it #bpm #entarch
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @mdmcdermott: http://lnkd.in/3c4uSv Of course :)   When thinking of positional, think Porter.  Opportunity tries to capture fleeting opportunities…. <v.useful LinkedIn discussion on decision-making in complex dynamic contexts
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @pauljansen: “The expert’s job is not to decide, but to educate a wider population who in turn decide.” http://goo.gl/5JXv8 (RT @flowchainsensei)
  • oscarberg: RT @danieloleary: (by @37signals) The end of the IT department http://bit.ly/eScGVP <great comments on contentious #entarch issue – though main article is as useless as most marketing-puff on #cloud (i.e. poorly-thought-through garbage…)
  • ArchiTool: RT @dwrgi: ArchiMate modelling bash for HE/FE: “Don’t dilute the value of models by overloading with objects” #ambash #rminhe <use architecture models as discussion-guides, not pseudo-executables
  • JohnPolgreen: Download my white paper on #TOGAF for gov’t – summarizes 3 Open Group webinars http://tinyurl.com/2d2kvop #entarch #itarch
  • theopengroup: The Business Case for Enterprise Architecture http://nblo.gs/eG8gq <”problem is not with EA but the way we look at it” – also usual over-focus on IT doesn’t help…
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @PG_Rule: #entarchforum Archimate Core seems to provide ‘technical drawing’ for EA. But adds Motivation extension & Implementation+Migration extension <Archimate 1.0 is an ideal match for TOGAF 9 – i.e. ‘EA for IT’ – but is slowly developing towards usable support for true whole-enterprise architecture
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @RSessions  @JohnPolgreen Vendors don’t want to teach people to fish. They want to sell $1M fishing poles. << yes! #entarch #TOGAF #cloud
  • kvistgaard: Recent posts: “Where to start?”, “Integration of strategic and oper. #KPIs” http://bit.ly/fr6RPi #bpm #entarch #sensemaking
  • thoughttrans: RT @thisissethsblog: Seth’s Blog: An atomic theory of business size http://bit.ly/fo5Hsz <also important for #bizarch <+1
  • mikejwalker: Navigating through the Complexities of Architectures http://bit.ly/gIpwEe <useful how-to for #itarch #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: Biz has Much to Learn from Arts | Economist: http://www.economist.com/node/18175675 via @lindanaiman
  • rettema: Nobody Ever Gets Credit for Fixing Problems that Never Happened <fundamental credibility-issue for #entarch etc
  • ironick: +1 RT @pbmobi: Enterprise architecture and its progeny are a throwback to unworkable top-down system-development methods. #entarch #TOGAF <disagree: yes, top-down is implicit in TOGAF9 etc, but is only one mode of #entarch, not the only mode
  • mikejwalker: Enterprise Architecture, The Great Journey from IT to the Business  http://bit.ly/dSBhwX #entarch
  • richardveryard: EA Talk on Managing Complexity: Presentation from Unicom Enterprise Architecture Forum, London, February 24th 2011 http://slidesha.re/hir3Vy
  • SAlhir: RT @Jabaldaia Purposes and objectives on Innovation or purpose and meaning http://bit.ly/eaLDJc
  • SAlhir: RT @ValuesJournal “Your Culture is your Brand” article appreciating @zappos by @chipconley on ValuesJournal http://bit.ly/h6HC8E #leadchange
  • oscarberg: RT @HarvardBiz: HBR: Make Serendipity Work for You http://s.hbr.org/eAK5eE <real how-to: inventing opportunity in #entarch #bizarch etc
  • theopengroup: RT @a_josey: New WP available: ArchiMate(R) Ext for Modeling and Managing Motivation, Principles, & Requirements in TOGAF http://ow.ly/43dBo
  • mikejwalker: RT @naudine: Recommended blog for #ArchiMate and #EntArch http://bit.ly/gDbH5I , via @michelbenard <website of @EAatWork
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @richardveryard Modernism and EA http://bit.ly/dRXijJ << thought provoking <recommend #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: Video w/@umairh: Rethinking Branding http://s.hbr.org/fTSTd6 <brand: from ‘Look at me’ to ‘Serving you & the whole’ #bmgen #bizarch
  • oscarberg: RT @Digitaltonto: RT @ralph_ohr: HBR: The Future of How We Consume Things (by Henry Chesbrough) – http://s.hbr.org/eBkgZv #innovation #bmgen #bizarch #entarch
  • kdierc: RT @JeroenGhysel: You, Sir, Are No Architect http://bit.ly/epRtZu Inflation of the job title “Architect” #entarch <tackling the (very serious) problem of ‘job-title inflation’
  • SystemsWiki: A System Dynamics Skills Inventory for Self Taught Practitioners (2002) http://bit.ly/fdwTb8 <useful how-to/maturity-model

Narrative-knowledge, knowledge-management, creativity, leadership and in-person collaboration:

  • DavidGurteen: Nancy Dixon: Five Actions Organizations Can Take to Increase Knowledge Sharing http://bit.ly/hrQ4Zl #KM
  • unorder: RT @kevinsbishop: Stories Are All Around Us http://bit.ly/e57f4A <good example of values-driven decision in the everyday world
  • DavidGurteen: RT @4KM: We’ve been saying this for 15 yrs but Luis says it so eloquently! Knowledge management best practices? http://bit.ly/gQ8Fux #KM
  • greblhad: rt “@timkastelle: Good post: Brainstorming 2.0: Making Ideas That Really Happen http://bit.ly/ggK3Qa
  • Cybersal: RT @IRMUK Why we need conferences by the BCS/ IT Training Mag http://ow.ly/42IHc >> ‘ideal setting for serendipitous encounters’
  • vernaallee: RT @juneholley: Chris Brogan: Future of work as self-organized projects http://bit.ly/gmJGqN <see also the comments – overwhelmingly in agreement – interesting… #entarch #orgarch
  • vernaallee: Do networks have leaders? http://bit.ly/iidMpP <useful chapter from Verna’s new book #entarch #collab
  • VenessaMiemis: Beyond Groups: Why Curated Membership Communities Are Today’s Most Important Networks http://bit.ly/hmkpQ3 via @assetmap
  • SAlhir: RT @the99percent What are you NOT good at? (at the end of the day, self-awareness will get you far) http://cot.ag/hxCAbW
  • CreatvEmergence: There is no script: Improvisation & Creative Living http://bit.ly/dR28Ha via @on_creativity
  • heidikraft: The power of when and where! @HarvardBiz A Better Way to Manage Your To-Do List http://s.hbr.org/ep2Czb
  • unorder: Brains respond to stories as if they are real http://bit.ly/dXaZTI Report in New Scientist
  • oscarberg: It’s hard to work smarter when collaborating with people who don’t share the same ambition. // In a collaborative world, your performance depends on the will of others to contribute. // Your ability to perform & be successful increasingly depends on belonging to a culture of collaboration

Social-media, ‘enterprise 2.0’, user-experience and online-collaboration:

  • hebsgaard: Revolution 2.0 http://bit.ly/eoNxOE <role of the internet as a medium for  communications and coordination #society #culture #politics
  • thoughttrans: http://ow.ly/40KXq another good post by jodi kaplan…this one on landing pages <useful straightfoward how-to for web-design for marketing
  • oscarberg: RT @jseelybrown: A new twist –  Social Software meets Business Performance. http://tinyurl.com/4tb46th Pretty cool, but i am biased.. :)
  • thinksmith: Levels of UX feel like they might be good for more than just UX: http://flic.kr/p/7mKcBV <a ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy’ for #ux – apply to #entarch, perhaps?

IT-architecture, IT-development, IT-systems and other IT-related matters:

  • jdevoo: What is Open311? http://bit.ly/fYPs0u #citizensensing <open standards for citizen interaction with city-management (‘311′) services #itarch #opengov
  • theopengroup: World-class EA http://nblo.gs/eyvBi <yes, good points, but it’s only #itarch – when oh when will they stop misusing the term ‘enterprise architecture’ for something that plainly is not #entarch… :-(
  • simonbrown: Blogged: I need a price – collaborate or fail … http://bit.ly/emfTp8 <important how-to for all architectures
  • kdierc: interesting #cloud RT @bmichelson: . @RSessions this might help you (or not) – My cloud-o-gram http://bit.ly/CSKOs <v.useful overview/taxonomy #itarch
  • theopengroup: RT @vanharenpub: New!!! get the Official Open Group publications on Kindle store now!!! http://amzn.to/gSl96v #TOGAF #SOA #Archimate…
  • simonbrown: Updated presentations page with more slide goodness than before http://bit.ly/9eEPqJ <some of the best on #swarch #itarch etc
  • EAatWork: @adrianrcampbell @michelbernard @pauldhobson @architool Thanks for refering my blog #ArchiMate and #EntArch   http://bit.ly/gDbH5I <useful blog on Archimate usage-development #itarch #entarch

Society, culture, economics, corporate social responsibility and other ‘big-picture’ themes:

  • DavidGurteen: Why @robpatrob is so committed to do his best to leave a better place http://bit.ly/eEg4MJ #socialgood <also #entarch #csr etc
  • kdierc: :-) RT @bmichelson: EA Role In Aligning IT With Business http://bit.ly/e70vtf #entarch <– Author lost me at “enterprise architect, He” <hmm… good point from Brenda Michelson on thoughtlessness and inappropriateness of gendered-pronouns…
  • SAlhir: “meaning of things not in things themselves but in our attitude toward them” @Jabaldaia: Innovating meaning http://bit.ly/hgk2ui
  • Eclectopedic: …one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; …the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.- J.K. Galbraith #society #culture
  • tetradian: BBC: Gene Sharp, Author of the nonviolent revolution rulebook http://bbc.in/icMcTL <focus on vision, no ‘best practices’, use of symbols etc – some very interesting lessons for #entarch #bizarch #bpm #socbiz
  • fer_ananda: The system is too wide and complex for us to control. How do we interact in a form that is fruitful? What is your mode of presence? <the challenge for the individual in relation to ‘the system’ #society #culture
  • oscarberg: RT @umairh: More simply: When the government IS seen as a “business”, its role becomes expropriating wealth–instead of seeding and safeguarding it. <do all businesses have the role of “expropriating wealth”?? – troubling if so…

And, of course, that microcosm of magnificent miscellanea:

  • davidriveroll: Use HTML5 in WordPress TwentyTen – TwentyTen Five – The HTML5 WordPress theme :) http://www.twentytenfive.com/ // Using HTML5 To Transform WordPress’ TwentyTen Theme – Smashing Magazine http://bit.ly/euLZVi < Article about previous theme
  • fer_ananda: Amazing royalty free images from IFAD around international agriculture http://bit.ly/94oFXf (@viacoop
  • AussiMike: Love this quote I heard today from Trey Ratcliff…”Luck is the residue of design”…can pretty much apply to life and work