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A week in Tweets: 27 February – 5 March 2011

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Yes, it’s another week, hence another set of Tweets and links. A few extra discussions this time, otherwise just the usual categories, of course.

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture, strategy, innovation and other ‘businessy’ matters:

  • vernaallee: RT @tom_peters: All measurement systems should be chucked/given wholesale renovation every now & then. ALL ARE EVENTUALLY “GAMED” INTO MEANINGLESSNESS. <Ed Catmull gave a first-hand description of this at Pixar some while back #entarch
  • oscarberg: RT @umairh: RT @davidhawksworth: my view of business / brands / comms in one simple model http://bit.ly/fF1F5n #brandsubstance
  • SystemsWiki: Holacracy (2009) – A rather interesting perspective on organization. Seems somewhat akin to Ackoff’s Interactive Planning. http://lnkd.in/MHuYzW #orgarch
  • vernaallee: RT @leonardkish Today’s Explorers Sail on Seas of Information. What We Can Learn from Hernando de Soto http://bit.ly/ej9SIh <strong recommend #economics #bmgen #bizarch
  • SAlhir: RT @AwesomelySimple Bankruptcy or Best-in-Class?? http://ow.ly/44lqm <nicely simple distinction between what causes failure (‘4Is’) vs success (‘4Ps’)
  • SAlhir: RT @jorgebarba I liked a YouTube video — Bill Taylor: Why it’s Logical to be Radical http://youtu.be/ALGGDxXyHkI?a <another practical ‘business-anarchist’, describing the radical rethink happening in Detroit hospitals #entarch
  • basvg: By @greefhorst / @erikproper: EA Journal: Principles in the context of Enterprise Architecture [PDF] http://tinyurl.com/6xrhz79 #entarch
  • vernaallee: RT @timkastelle: Good post by @eskokilpi: Patterns and social objects http://bit.ly/guO77v #entarch #complexity
  • theopengroup: “Evolving EA to Architect the Business”: a major topic of discussion at Open Group Conf, London http://ow.ly/44K2g #oglon <hooray! #entarch
  • vernaallee: The center of the network is where YOU are. If defining network boundaries is too challenging try to define the center. (Zen anyone?)
  • vernaallee: Hmm, are social and financial value the same thing? RT @petervan How To Play The Value Game http://bit.ly/e24ie3. Premise is flawed. <agree: no, they’re not the same – looks credible at superficial level, but fundamentally misleading in practice
  • greblhad: A consultancy for this century http://wp.me/p7ejN-9G <rethinking consultancy biz-model #bmgen #orgarch #entarch
  • toddbiske: RT @chrisonea: New Post: Architecture is Not Infrastructure http://bit.ly/fYyqdf <recommend #entarch #bizarch #itarch
  • BillIves: via @rotkapchen  RT @tdebaillon: Moving Beyond “Work as Usual” in a Complex World http://bit.ly/hsKXhg #collab
  • unorder: The “I’m Like You” story http://bit.ly/igFngB A way to use stories in your next presentation to connect to an audience #businessstorytelling
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @ PG_Rule RT @huperniketes …Doing what… a cust wants is constrained by serving all stakeholders | Thk goodness! Needs are multi-valent #entarch #bizarch #bmgen
  • tonyrestell: 5 things for #consulting firms to focus on in 2011 with regards to their Thought Leadership strategy: http://bit.ly/hXBtGB
  • CreatvEmergence: What Biz Owners Can Learn from Jazz Musicians (improvisers) –  http://bit.ly/gAXrq0 – via @bizprov #bizarch #entarch
  • basvg: Why does the business model canvas not cover all 5 forces (Porter) and the PEST-factors? Any experiences that can be shared? #entarch
  • vernaallee: Free download for ValueNet Map exercise. Learn value network basics in an hour! http://bit.ly/fvcUGE #entarch
  • vernaallee: RT @AnalyticsToGo: Mental Model Musings on #SystemsThinking: http://bit.ly/uHOzS
  • vernaallee: RT @AnalyticsToGo: Another lesson to be learned from kids, the power of boundaries: http://on.mash.to/eMRVm1 via @mashable #entarch #bizarch
  • kvistgaard: BPMN 2.0 defines many attributes but no mention about times and costs. I know the reason but then it’s called “Business…”. I know, I know. Just thinking aloud.
  • oscarberg: RT @SameerPatel: New Blog Post: Know your Nucleus | Pretzel Logic – Enterprise 2.0 http://ow.ly/46TAA #e20 #socbiz #hcm <good summary of real role of #entarch vision/mission etc from an #e20 perspective
  • oscarberg: RT @IntranetFocus: Problems in getting investment for an intranet usually a sign that the organisation does not appreciate the value of information as an asset <same often applies to other types of non-obvious assets, such as relational-assets #entarch
  • oscarberg: RT @BasZurburg: Great presentation > RT @Peter_Richards  #Intranet Strategy slides by @sammarshall at #IEC11 http://slidesha.re/eNoQw5 <focus here is intranet, but also useful how-to on generic relationship b/w strategy, governance and execution
  • CreatvEmergence: SHINE: The Entrepreneur’s Journey – 24 min. film: http://biznik.com/shine via @creative_artery // “…genetic traits of entrepreneurs – same traits that create novelty seeking”
  • kvistgaard: #BPMN does not allow error start events. Yet, error is what the start of many processes is. #bpm <good point.. – perhaps BPMN assumes that the fact that it’s an error doesn’t matter?
  • tonyrestell: Essential download: 100 tips for growing a #Consulting firm – great reading for anyone running such a business http://bit.ly/fZJOQq
  • theopengroup: Fascinating discussion on a blog post from last week on the Business Case for #EA. Read the post and the comments: http://ow.ly/477ZS
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @VenessaMiemis 8 Things Stand-Up Comedy Teaches Us About Innovation: http://bit.ly/dOplwi #bizarch #entarch
  • JohnPolgreen: RT@ PG_Rule #BCSelite Indpnt projects run & funded by biz units disperse benefits. Vision-driven change must be run & funded at C-level. #entarch
  • theopengroup: Thoughts on reorienting Enterprise Architecture http://nblo.gs/f0wE9 <recommend #entarch
  • davidcushman: RT @prem_k: I agree >> RT @gautamghosh: Having a philosophy behind a strategy makes it scalable says charu dewan of leaseplan #trc <in the #entarch context, the enterprise-vision is the ‘philosophy’ here
  • kdierc: Excellent, highly recommended #entarch RT @MartijnLinssen: Why “should I use SOAP or REST?” is an irrelevant question http://bit.ly/esbQTl <another architect taking a sledge-hammer to the IT-centric box
  • adrianrcampbell: RT @itworks: EA as it should be >> RT @gotze: #EntArch course with more business people than IT people: Finished discussion about cloud in 5 minutes <hooray!
  • tetradian: [post] At Integrated EA conference http://bit.ly/hvL5TY #entarch
  • (via @SAlhir) Psychology Today: Consuming Sugar Decreases Desire for Immediate Monetary Rewards http://bit.ly/fgZpDl <an #entarch theme? :-)
  • vernaallee: RT @timoreilly @daeaves: Curious Case of Media Opposing Government Transparency, it undermines their business model! http://bit.ly/gwwBky #bmgen #entarch
  • SAlhir: RT @Annemcx @aleksk “Social change tries2change values in minds of people. Political change seeks2change power structures #entarch
  • thoughttrans: RT @killerquestion: Who uses your product because of some benefit you did not foresee? If you don’t know – go ask! http://om.ly/BOTXT <nice example of ‘business-anarchist’ #entarch #bizarch #bmgen
  • kvistgaard: RT @eduurland, @guidostompff: Paper on design at Frog as #sensemaking process #designthinking http://bit.ly/bZVBZW <mostly theoretical, but useful for #bmgen #entarch etc
  • eatraining: RT @TEDFlipboard: Chris Anderson says web video is driving a phenomenon he calls Crowd Accelerated Innovation. http://on.ted.com/8kty <real business value of ‘radical openness’ #bmgen

A discussion on BA skills, led by Nigel Green (@taotwit):

  • taotwit: @taotwit @alecsharp  What are the attributes of the perfect BA? My starter: Business savvy, Behavior Modeler, WHAT-focused… #bascantwin
  • thoughttrans: @taotwit didn’t read the link yet.am surprised BAs shouldn’t ask about HOW?what am I missing // relationship and community builder are needed attributes
  • thoughttrans: I was recently told by a CIO BAs must know and use UML
  • taotwit: @thoughttrans not the top of my list!
  • taotwit: @thoughttrans see other recent tweets for a finer definition of HOW – I was referring to tech HOW (aka WITH WHAT) rather than describing a future state of the business which you might call ‘HOW it will work’.
  • tetradian: .@taotwit @thoughttrans on BAs and HOW vs WHAT vs WITH-WHAT – where does WHY fit into this schema? first? last? nowhere? #entarch #change
  • taotwit: Business Change Design and WHY, WHAT,WHO, WHEN & WHERE http://post.ly/1gKDU <had to disagree with this – see comments #entarch
  • taotwit: @seabrid20 @alecsharp @thoughttrans @tetradian A rough & ready attempt to contextualize the discussion around BA: http://post.ly/1gKDU
  • thoughttrans: @tetradian @taotwit Why should be first in my mind. #bizarch #entarch
  • taotwit: @thoughttrans @tetradian #bizarch #entarch perhaps you didn’t see? WHY is first!  http://post.ly/1gKDU
  • tetradian: @taotwit re business-change design post http://post.ly/1gKDU – apols, but will have to disagree: have posted reply-comments #entarch
  • taotwit: @tetradian no probs bring on the debate! :-)
  • tetradian: @taotwit re ‘debate’, would suggest using approach outlined in ‘Mapping the Enterprise’ http://bit.ly/gwMVBG – is compatible w #vpect & #bcd

A quick back-and-forth on the role of architecture:

  • vernaallee: RT @henkhadders @tdebaillon: Three Perspectives on Complex Adaptive Organizations [PDF] http://bit.ly/gB7eGY – technical but brief overviews <”Architecture determines rules of the game,  strategy decides course of the game” #entarch
  • DavidWLocke: @tetradian @vernaallee @jorgebarba So who does this Architecture? As it is only certain people feel entitled to do strategy.  #entarch
  • vernaallee: @DavidWLocke @tetradian @jorgebarba in value network modeling people do their own architecture – at every level. // Not “design – implement” – work structure emerges from what people actually do. http://bit.ly/hJsrLK
  • tetradian: @DavidWLocke @vernaallee enterprise emerges from people/context etc – enterprise-architect role is identify/document this to guide strategy

Narrative-knowledge, knowledge-management, creativity, leadership and in-person collaboration:

  • vernaallee: The History of Collaboration [Infographic] by @alexwilliams http://rww.to/eyQxvl via @RWW <usefully thought-provoking
  • DavidGurteen: The art of giving instructions: 7 practices for facilitators http://bit.ly/ed2Fy9 <also for soft-skills in #entarch etc
  • oscarberg: Does Your Company Know What It Knows? http://bit.ly/dSwrli << @amcafee implies culture (changing comm. norms) comes 1st #e20 <interesting about-face by McAfee, who’s long argued that the technology comes first…
  • CreatvEmergence: Working w/Stories – Facilitating Guideliness by Terrence Garguilo – http://scr.bi/gYwmt1
  • thoughttrans: RT @BentleyGTCSpeed: If everyone is a thought leader, who’s following? How about we create results leaders??? #entarch
  • vernaallee: RT @rawn: Elegantly put>>RT @emily_rushing: what you know+who knows it. Shifting The Imperative From KM To Expertise Mgmt http://bit.ly/gvA9dx @forbes
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @johnt – Learning from exploring – http://bit.ly/dWI4Dd
  • jdevoo: #recommended RT @ValdisKrebs: Seriously Rethinking Leadership in a Networked World by @zenext http://bit.ly/fk4JcC #orgarch
  • CreatvEmergence: A Co-creation Primer – HBR – http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/02/co-creation.html via @lindanaiman
  • SAlhir: RT @davidrock101: New paper in strategy+business on organizational change & the brain: http://bit.ly/dSSuuv #orgarch
  • CreatvEmergence: Improv’s Yes-And principle: Yes accepts what’s offered, And adds something new. It’s the “And” that keeps it creative // Answer to “Is it possible?” to an *inspired* idea is neithr yes nor no, it’s just changing “Is it?” to “How can I (we)?”
  • CreatvEmergence: The Business of Storytelling http://bit.ly/dQAOaY – RT @davidmcgraw @rafstevens @goonth #bizstory #entarch #bizarch
  • thoughttrans: RT @jabaldaia: RT @ariegoldshlager: [Bob Sutton] We Are More Creative When We Help Others Than Ourselves http://bit.ly/gIqMWJ #orgarch
  • getstoried: RT @glecharles: #diydays PANDEMIC includes a film, book (coffee table), comics/short fiction, mobile apps, and more. From WSJ: http://on.wsj.com/gPWK79 <possible model/how-to for #bizstory?

Social-media, ‘enterprise 2.0’, user-experience and online-collaboration:

  • oscarberg: RT @thejordanrules: [new post] Why Fear-Based Mediocrity Can’t Be Tolerated – Tracing #UX issues to their source, and fixing them. – http://bit.ly/i3smco
  • oscarberg: New illustration: The Collaboration Pyramid http://flic.kr/p/9mDZVz << Will blog about it later #e20 #socbiz #collaboration
  • trevorsnaith: Who Owns Your Contacts and Communications? http://bit.ly/icDRkX <practical how-to on working with personal social-media contacts in a business/marketing context
  • BillIves: RT @outstart: Enterprise Collaboration: Moving from Need-to-Know to Need-to-Share http://bit.ly/gR0H8S #e20

IT-architecture, IT-development, IT-systems and suchlike IT-related concerns:

  • rtolido: The Power of Lean Thinking http://bit.ly/eIrMv0 via @capgemini #itdev #itarch #entarch #change
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @rmcilree: RT @cdetzel: Don’t talk about what the architect does, talk about what the organization needs from the architect #EntArch #IT
  • wilm: Short post on the outcomes of last week’s #ambash http://bit.ly/heVV98 #archimate #itarch #entarch
  • toddbiske: Re: @scottwambler and IT governance, the effectiveness comes from open, two-way communication and common understanding of priorities. // without it, neither cmd/control nor motivation/enablement will succeed. Sounds easy, but very difficult in practice.
  • toddbiske: Effective IT Governance http://bit.ly/gHsyKs <”in a nutshell, it’s all about communication” – governance in general
  • bergmart: Great white-paper by AIIM on what is holding us back in IT and what’s next: systems of engagement [PDF] http://twurl.nl/rmizac

Society, culture, economics, corporate social responsibility and other ‘big-picture’ themes:

  • thoughttrans: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Wonder and anger http://bit.ly/dVNYYb <much to be angry about it in the present world, yet “anger merely makes us smaller” – yes… wonder is a more useful emotion…
  • fer_ananda: RT @josephpagen: A child’s eyes are windows to a world where love and laughter are the whole point of existence. <so how come these attributes are so often lost in adults (‘the adulterated’)? – more to the point, how can retain and return to them in adult life?
  • vernaallee: The Brilliant Bernard Lietauer on money and risks in the financial system. http://bit.ly/3zEZfb Also see Articles http://j.mp/hCrMyW <yet another apparently-brilliant thinker getting stuck halfway towards a viable economics – trying to rethink currency when currency is merely an overlay on the core economic flaw of ‘possession’…
  • oscarberg: RT @mikeloukides: Important set of graphics demonstrating the extent of income inequality in US and how it is perpetuated http://bit.ly/fsF5zk via @ericries
  • vernaallee: The changing world of Journalism and the emerging news ecology http://bit.ly/i2pecm // Here are some tips for defining network boundaries for Value Network Analysis http://bit.ly/e2hUn2 <two more chapters from Verna’s new book on value-networks
  • vernaallee: Great reflections on real “value” from @clayforsberg Will we ever stop dragging our knuckles? http://wp.me/pqvDI-gS #society
  • hvaelama: Science goes too deep into forms (because of Causation) and forgets fit, reality and even function <need for balance…
  • Eclectopedic: RT @theneweconomics: RT @Jeremy_Williams: The future can go one of three ways http://bit.ly/gENOkZ << Wise reflections on @AndrewSimms_nef’s book Ecological Debt <’business-as-usual’ leading to total collapse within a few decades at most; permanent conflict in a two- or three-tier world, again ultimately leading to total collapse; or transition to sustainable for all
  • jdevoo: #Video of Rachel Botsman on the business of #collaborative #consumption http://is.gd/8X4s0I #csr #green
  • CreatvEmergence: What can appear to be magic or a miracle in a static, mechanistic Universe can be normal in a dynamic, creative Universe <strongly agree
  • hvaelama: which activists will see that this is about the world coming together as opposed to a dividing and conquering? <I do, though I dunno if I quite class as an ‘activist’…
  • thoughttrans: RT @gapingvoid: Paradox: Seeing oneself as “alone and insignificant, in a vast, indifferent universe” is the ultimate act of vanity.
  • SAlhir: RT @DavidHolzmer: Is Getting Published a Feminist Issue? http://ow.ly/48A8Z #phdchat <answer=’no’ – a misleading irrelevance

And, without further ado, the unmatched miscellany:

  • oscarberg: The tools we love to hate but don’t want to be without: Email & PowerPoint <too true, too true… :-|
  • ancillaryIPs: Nice 3D printing project http://bit.ly/giGtYH <nice – using Kinect to capture real-time pose
  • getstoried: Are you based on a true story? http://yfrog.com/h66qmp <kinda think I ought to get one of these t-shirts… :-)
  • aojensen: RT @atownley: LOL!! RT @BorowitzReport: The #iPad 2 will totally change the way you think about completely unnecessary devices.
  • b_kratz: I think this is really cool, combining old & new: http://youtu.be/UQDhH8-z14Q <video: ‘L’amour toujours’ on church-organ
  • taotwit: I love to test half-baked ideas with my Tweeting chums  – in makes my brain *so big*  :-) –  adaptive thinking rules! <agreed! :-)